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What I learned from my billionaire mentor

Back in 2007 I had over 300 coaching clients. I was exhausted. I had no life. I had to keep notes to remember who was who. I burnt out big time.

I also attracted a billionaire mentor that year who told me he intentionally kept his business small enough to have a personal relationship with all his employees… and they had all worked for him for decades. I took those values–small and personal is profitable–to heart.

I made a decision to scale back dramatically. Fewer people and provide much higher value. Only a handful of clients at a time.

My income skyrocketed. I met my husband. My client money results hit new heights (many more millionaires made), and their love results (weddings, soul mates) too.

When I recently saw a friend post the news that her mastermind has 100 members, I felt split: I like her very much, and I’m thrilled for her success… and I can’t help but think 100 people is NOT a mastermind. It’s a class. It’s a college lecture hall. No coach can know and love and serve 100 clients like we can know and love and serve 10.

Small is where the magic is.

==> Magic happens when you find a safe and powerful community of innovators like yourself, people who get you and encourage you. Being a pioneer can be lonely: you may not be understood by friends and family and colleagues because you see what wants to happen before the rest of the world does. You need your posse.

==> FYI: setting up complicated and manipulative sales funnels is NOT easier or more profitable than deeply serving a few of your favorite people well. I know this from my own experience and from mentoring other big name 7 and 8-figure coaches for decades.

And that brings me to some happy news:


Over the last month I’ve been issuing an invitation to fill out a survey to let me know what you really want… not what I assume you want.

The results have been exciting and not at all what I expected.

When I asked what areas of life were calling loudest for improvement, the overwhelming winners were Community and Magic. By a large margin! Survey takers are yearning for a “community of people who get you, uplift you, raise your game” and for “ease, flow, and synchronicity–intuition and ‘magic.'”

Your 3rd priority was Fun.

Did survey takers also care about money, career, purpose, health, and legacy? Yes! But ALL those categories after Community, Magic and Fun dropped off sharply in priority.

This delights me. Because I find the money (and the love, and the health, and everything else) happen so much faster, easier, and better when you

  1. have the right community of kick ass magic makers who get you and exalt you, and normalize your next level of success,
  2. your inner life is so aligned with your actions and intentions that the world seems to line up in your favor like magic,
  3. fun is expansive and attractive and makes everything grow!

We’re on the same page.

Don’t get me wrong: I come from a family of scientists and lawyers, so I’d really, really like my business world to operate on a “follow this cookie cutter proven formula in which you do x and y happens.”

I wish I wish I wish! I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on that broken promise. At a certain point in our evolution, kindergarten cookie-cutter solutions where everybody does the same thing DOESN’T WORK. We are not cookies!

We are magicians.

I play with magicians. That’s where the magic happens.

I’m brewing something new.

It’s starting in a month. It’s TINY. (5 spots. 1 is already taken.) It’s the next level for my magic-makers and pioneers.

Shoot me a note if you want to find out more!

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