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Before you quit your “J.O.B.”

I’ve heard dozens of seminar leaders snidely say a job means “Just Over Broke,” like it’s a social disease.

They sell their mega-priced programs with promises you can quit your job if you just give them your money…

Watch this video before you jump off that bridge.

Please share your comments and experiences below!

  1. Jasmin says:

    I just love your video.. it’s so very true.. I love the way you keep common sense in this process.. keep up the great work.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      My pleasure, Jasmin!

  2. Annie says:

    So Morgana,

    I love the permission to have/keep with a job while you create what you want to create – I think it’s great to liberate folks from the sense of fear and failure and ‘guilt’ even.

    I love too the picture you paint of a job as an interest-free business loan – nice one! 🙂

    Where I part company is with the idea that you can simply “get a better job” if the job you’re in is one that drains you. I think the odds on getting a better job vary widely. According to age -I reckon it’s unlikely that someone over 50 can simply get a better job: according to experience/your career history to date – do they have the kind of CV (resume) that gives them a foot in the door into a better and well paid job?

    Maybe yes, maybe no … if you’re in a dead-end McJob that pays maybe £10 (what’s that, say $15 or $16 an hour) … and you don’t have a back catalogue of highly paid positions, then you’re most likely gonna be limited to just another dead-end McJob at £10 or maybe even less in this climate, per hour.

    So the pressure to reach a position where you can quit becomes even more acute.

    If you’re in a decent job – or at least a job that pays well – then I agree it may be wise to keep it while you need it – or go part time if you can – and use your free time strategically to build a love around doing what you love.

    Even if you’re in a crap job that pays a crap wage – I’d agree it’s wise to look before you leap and burn all bridges …

    And still use your free time as strategically as you can …

    But just don’t expect there to be a better job …

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Oh Annie! You should know me well enough by now to know that I refuse to be held hostage by odds.

      Let’s take a look at what happened in June:
      My client Jean was just offered a “dream job” directorship in her field… it wasn’t even the job she applied for! But it is the job she wanted. In fact, her new employers say she’s lacking some of the qualifications the job needs, so they’re giving her a mentor.

      And Justine (who’s in my online Financial Alchemy Academy program–a much more affordable alternative to private coaching, and still gives you direct access to laser coaching with me) was just given a teaching job with her ideal age group… even though California is broke. Her school district found a “missing” $400,000. Go figure.

      Do the best you can, wherever you’re at. And change your relationship with money ASAP.

  3. Annie says:


    well you can’t say I don’t give you a chance to highlight specifics to back up your cause!! Not that you feel you need to but … well is always good to see ‘evidence’ and examples anyway.

    You know I get ratty sometimes but I love you really – you are such a huge character.

    I know I pick holes because I feel sometimes you edit out of the equation the people who don’t even have the funds for your more affordable alternatives to private coaching; and people for whom even $40 or $50 is beyond their budget. And that can get so frustrating.

    I also know there’s a part of me that’s stuck in some sort of ‘poverty consciousness’ – is that what it’s called? I’ve heard that phrase somewhere.

    And I do keep trying to change my relationship with money – and I do succeed in little ways now and again – but I’ve yet to truly kill my Money Monster – it seems to have some huge hold on me that I’ve yet to get to the real root of, despite some deep deep digging. Weird …

    Great to hear about Jean and Justine … go laydeez!

    And I love that phrase about you “refusing to be held hostage by odds” – hostage/held to ransom that’s one of my themes in Monsterville .. And I also love beating the odds so yeah, go figure (that last bit to myself) … Interesting … xx

  4. Brenda says:

    Morgana, I was in a draining job last year and although I had applied diligently for three years to other positions, I was never awarded a change..until this year. I was a school teacher and I took a leap of faith. Instead of packing up my classroom at the end of the year, I started giving things away. I knew I wasn’t going to be teaching the same class the next year, and I took action.

    It worked! I got a great new job..I was the envy of all the other teachers. My own copy machine, my own budget, etc…but it wasn’t what I wanted deep down. This is where my physical body took charge. I became very ill and had to quit my “dream job.”

    That was in November, and I think it was the first time I “met” you. Since that time, I have been able to manage financially with a variety of things. I have discovered that I don’t want to do just one thing, and I am still getting by. I want to go the next step and have a consistent and worthy income.

    I’ll keep keep sharing!

  5. Kim says:


    I love your reply and advice to Annie. You are such an inspiration and have helped me so much w/ my relationship with money! Keep up the great work.

    Annie, I understand that $40-$50 seems like too much money-I used to think the same. I’m a divorced mom, w/ 2 kids, living in one of the most expensive cities in the world (San Francisco). I finally got so sick of my relationship w/ money and craved more of Morgana’s advice that I decided that my life and future was worth it so I bought her 12 Months of Magic and Manifestation. The changes are fantastic and unbelievable.

    Get the workbook and you will see results!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      OMG Kim. I want to put your testimonial on the back of my book! Can I?

  6. Jessilicious says:

    Hi Morgana! 🙂

    I love the idea of a job being an interest-free business loan. I’ve heard that a couple of other places recently too, and it really helps to change ones perspective on the J.O.B. 😉

    Thank you for speaking up about this! I love your approach. 🙂

  7. Beth says:

    I like that you are helping us to give ourselves permission to have a job. Sometimes we are putting demands & pressures on ourselves via our Money Monsters and don’t even think of giving ourselves a break.

  8. Keena says:

    LOL! Morgana, your video couldn’t have come at a better time! Honestly, I was working on a resume for a great position, in my field (biologist) – which almost never comes open (only twice in the last 15 years that I know of) – and it pays $8K more than I make now. (And I would get to leave my boss who is not that fun to work with, and not have to uproot my family to do it). I know I have a really good chance at getting this position… but I was feeling like crap and thinking I would be better off keeping my current position so that I would be more motivated to get out of my job and into my business full-time.
    Thanks to your video I realize that this is really backwards thinking. And the new job will be perfect while I get my new business some traction.

    So thank you very much!!! I really appreciate you!

    Oh! And – when I did your money monster exercise – it was so great. I drew a picture of Frankenstein and labelled all his various mismatched body parts with all the mismatched money beliefs I was carrying around… wonderful! And fun! And it works 🙂 Thanks for that, too!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Oh Keena! This is such a great story. Woo hoo!

  9. Annie says:

    Hi Kim

    Yeah I’m sure the workbook is great … and did you know that to transport it overseas (I’m in the UK) the shipping costs almost as much as the book!

    I was about to buy it a while back but when the shipping costs were factored in it took the total beyond my reach.

    That was soooo frustrating – and Morgana tells me she that even this hefty shipping fee doesn’t quite cover the costs of shipping …

    It’s not like that when you buy from Amazon! I guess they ship things to UK and Europe in bulk and they are despatched to the customers from here, not direct from US so is cheaper.

    And unfortunately the 12 Months of Money and Manifestation Workbook is not available in MP3 format so can’t download.

    This is the story of what money does to me -dangles diamonds n carrots – gets me hooked -then snatches them back away beyond my reach. Arrrrgggghhhh!

    Annie x

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      It’s so funny Annie. We respond to situations so differently! When you don’t take action because of money, you feed the monster. I’d sell something on e-bay, get a new client, or borrow the difference and make it happen!

  10. Annie Wigman says:

    😉 e-bay virgin me … never bought, never sold ..

    “When you don’t take action BECAUSE of money, you feed the monster ..” I like that – yeah that rings true.

    My own responses vary – sometimes I’m all grown-up and coachy in “make-it-happen” / “making the impossible, possible” mode

    And sometimes I slip into “little orphan Annie” classic “IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!…. ” mode.

    Yep the grown-up coach in me knows that “It’s not fair!!! … ” is neither productive nor empowering (nor empowered). I know, she knows

    And sometimes she gets overruled by the bewildered child who’s hungry to be scooped up and nurtured and looked after. Backstory – my mum had no breast milk – and who knows, maybe I’m still starving to suckle!! And sometimes I have a strop

    There is an extra layer of frustration when you can’t borrow your way out of an impasse – oooope, here I go again!

    okay, make the impossible possible – I found a postcard from a former coach of mine where she adapted a quote from poet Theodore Roetkhe. It goes something like “the world needs more people who specialise in the impossible, like you Annie ..”

    I’ll keep that in the forefront when I’m dropping deep into “It’s not fair” stropville.

    Monster schmonster – mine’s got stronger teeth than a rottweiler and I still haven’t worked out how to kill it … or even personify it into just one monster rather than a multidudinous glitterball of many – but I’ll get there. when i get beyond “It’s not fair!!” xx

  11. Morgana once again your words are so supportive.
    there were some good people and some good things at my job not so good job, but my body and the universe got together and said no more.
    With no job I took a huge leap, renovated my garage separtate from my home and began practicing and teaching the natural healing I so enjoy. Oh yes I did that after I spent quite a bit to travel to where I could do update training with two amazing teachers.
    I still have money coming in separate from my teaching to pay my bills, because I accepted that in a little town in a resession I needed need a plan B.
    Recently I tried plan C by investing in a that promised to help me put a new roof on my house and a few other needed things, which broke its promise and put me in debt.
    Hearing you talking about job gave me a lighter feeling about the miscaldulation I made. Now instead of beating myself up over being silly I’m knowing it was a lesson I needed to learn about how money monsters can be invited back even when you’ve told them to pack up and hit the road. Guess I need to go back over your workbook I bought a couple years ago.
    Thank you so much Morgana for all that you share so freely.

  12. Hi Morgana,

    Great points. I very much resonate with your general attitude here.

    My personal experience definitely confirms the validity of it:
    I kept my job (that I loved – in a kindergarten) for about 2-2½ years before I felt guided to quit it.

    I had the perfect solution in that it was a substitute job, so it was up to me how many hours I would work in the kindergarten. That allowed to do a gradual shift: work less and less hours in the kindergarten, more and more hours in the business.

    Where I am now my business (that I love) takes all my time (and provides me with all the income I need :-)). So now I just visit the kindergarten when I miss the kids – without getting paid for it. 🙂

    Oh, and by the way: having a great business-mentor along the way was priceless.

    Joyful greetings to you all –


  13. Madeleine says:

    Thank You….

    I’m planning on quitting my job, but not quite ready yet, I need time to figure out my next step. Thank you for the perspective of a interest-free loan while I’m arranging my next step. I will be able to tolerate my current situation, while I’m manifesting my dream job. I’m ready to part way with my “money monster” and move on to my” money honey.” Thank you.

  14. Viv says:

    Morgana please please you have touched on such a great topic, one that ohters online are loathe to talk about! I am in that situation-of not being employed and struggling to do the work I love and that Im good at. Just as you say, when you ewre earning like $100 amonth, I’m told IM good by the clients I get but it doesn’t stick and the stress of not having a job is awful so Im super stressed. Yet so may online “guru’s” seem to urge just drop the working the job and go for it, but how how. I’m now looking for a job again and as you mentioned I notice I work much more efficiently when the time is limited and I know I need to get stuff done. It’s a strange relief to come home from work and you feel this rush of realizing that now you can focus on stuff you love that you are creating for your business. Thanks for talkign about it as it’s really almost taboo. I can name the big coaches and gurus who never speak at such a concrete level. Poverty while “self-employed,” with no safety net is awful!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Viv, thank you for the feedback. And I’m glad you’re getting a job to give you a cushion while you build your business.


  15. Viv says:

    Thanks Morgana, I did the money monster exercise and my new Money Honey, and I got tingles and energy flowing in my whole body as I did it. I’m working on building a relationship with him, I even got his rather unusual name too 😉

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Oooh Viv. Reading that gave me tingles, too!

  16. Teresa says:

    Thank you for being so frank and realistic!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re welcome, Teresa!

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