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The Truth About Bad–for you–Coaching

I’ve been coaching clients in my Results Accelerator™ program…

Whenever I work with a group, a theme emerges.

I’ve been noticing a pattern very high achievers who were suffering serious health issues, anxiety attacks, exhaustion and depression from doing all the things their other coaches were telling them to do.

Not only were they working harder, they were making LESS money… after investing in a slew of high ticket programs!


When I did a little digging, it became clear that they were getting too much external direction, without enough personalisation, or personal support, in some of these other programs.

That is typically a recipe for disaster. Both personally and financially.

There is no inspiration in doing a business based on what you’re “supposed” to do. If you’re not turned on, you won’t turn on anyone else.

Yes, it’s important to study and experiment with other people’s systems, like a musician learns scales, but it’s still imitation, and I’ve never made my money that way.


Take what you like and leave the rest.

The lessons you’re learning from your coaches today will include what to do and what NOT to do. Learn the lessons, then do what feels best to you.

Some things you learn today you may implement tomorrow. Some things you’ll implement months or years from now. Some things you may decide are just not your thing, and you can make a ton of money without them. Every mentor’s approach will you give you more tools and choices. But be TRUE TO YOURSELF!

The fun part of today’s Mastermind session was connecting my clients back to their fun, sexy (personified) Money “Honey”, and guiding them to uncover what THEY want to do–in partnership with their MH.

Here’s an inquiry I’d like you to chew on:

What if you could ONLY make money doing what you actually want to do…

What do you want to do?

Now let’s partner with your “Money Honey” to monetize it. That’s where the Gold is.



Here’s one of my BIG PET PEEVES in the “coaching” world…

A couple years back I was in an expensive (and awful) mastermind, listening to a bunch of “coaches” complaining about clients who don’t do what they’re told.

Screw that!

I can’t even imagine having that problem with clients.

Because coaching is NOT telling clients what to do!  It’s about inspiring the client to do what needs to be done to get a desired result… and the client always gets the final say.

If the client doesn’t want to do something, then the client probably shouldn’t do it.

Or, if the client DOES want to do something, but inner or outer OBSTACLES are getting in the way, then the coach should have the skills to help the client eliminate those obstacles.


The Solution

So for all of you whose hearts, bodies and souls are rebelling against squeezing into a “coaching” box that doesn’t support, honor, or fit you… you have my permission and encouragement to TRUST YOURSELF!

You get to have it both ways.

Keep taking the classes. Try out the templates. Learn the systems. Do what every great musician and artist does: study with the masters to learn their rules, and then go off and do your own thing. That’s what the world wants and needs from you.


PS: For those of you who have been asking about my Results Accelerator™ program… the next session opens December 11. Take a look HERE.





  1. Linda Kroll, Therapist, Mediator, Attorney says:

    Thanks, Morgana. It’s an honor to be part of your group and to be inspired by your heart and wisdom! You’re terrific! xoxo

  2. Ian Robson says:

    Ian here from London, many thanks for your encouraging quotes and sayings, very helpful in my everyday life. Thanks Morganna

  3. Joni says:

    Hi~ I appreciate this blog as I get turned off by coaches that tell me what to do instead of supporting me to find what works for me and supporting me to break through my upper limits. I like invitations to explore! Thanks!

  4. Rush Cole says:

    Morgana, Sister Queen of mine, you are simply the BEST!

    I have so often found myself inwardly gnashing my teeth and rebelling at weird edicts commanded by so-called coaches who haven’t a clue about all that I am actually dealing with…to them, I am a cookie cut in the same shape as millions of others.


    Thank you for mirroring what my Money Honey is always telling me…that I am lovable and perfect just as I am, precisely WHERE I am in my process, and that is that! I am the only TRUE EXPERT on me in existence!

  5. Judith says:

    I love that. That is exactly how i feel about that too. And it is indeed at the core of my irritation towards coaches. The tendency to act as if they are the new Priestcast.

    I prefer my own sovoreignity 🙂

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