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3 Election Strategies to Win in YOUR Business

phone bank girl

Phone Bank Girl


This election was a nail biter. The outcome didn’t look certain
(except for the Nate Silver predictions on the Huffington Post).

We were all nervous as heck. In fact that’s WHY I volunteered.

I KNOW some of you who are reading voted for the other guy.

This is NOT a political article. This is a STRATEGY article for
ALL of us, “blue,” “red,” and non-Americans.

There are millions of factors that went into why one candidate
won over another, but here are the 3 WINNING SECRETS
that I believe DECIDED Tuesday’s presidential election.

1) The Obama team had a system to target “buyers.”

Those hundreds (or thousands) of people I called in carefully targeted
swing States — Nevada, Wisconson, Virginia, Colorado — were LIKELY to
vote for Obama.

This is probably the #1 strategy that won the election.

We had call sheets that targeted exactly the right people:
* They were in the States that would decide the election
* Most of them were regular voters
* Most of them were Democrats
* Many were minorities and women

And each State had its own script.
We had the polling address for each voter.
We had a “Cheat Sheet” with the voting laws for each state.
We had phone numbers available for people who needed rides.
We had phone numbers and emails for people who saw problems at the polls.
We had Spanish speakers when needed.
We reminded everybody to STAY IN LINE until their vote was cast.

2) The Obama team knew how to use Social Media.

With one click of a button on Facebook, I could alert
ALL of my registered voter, left-leaning friends in swing states,
to remind them to vote in those final hours before the polls closed.

Social studies have shown that people are
THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY to vote if they see their
Facebook friends voted. Wow. That’s too big to ignore.

3) The Obama team was ready for things to go wrong.

This is a biggie. Because I know my community likes to focus on
the positive.

But here’s the thing: things go wrong. They just do. Storms
hit. Human beings make mistakes. Or do things they shouldn’t.

And the person who can adjust the quickest will have the
best results.

When voting machines were switching votes, or thousands
of ballots were being tossed in the trash, a system was
in place to report the misdeeds and stop the abuse.

When Sandy hit the East coast, Obama responded IMMEDIATELY.
(BTW, the Sandy catastrophe is not over, and I’m deeply
concerned about the thousands of people who are still
without power and water as a new storm hits.)

When Obama messed up in the first debate, he learned from
his mistake and changed his approach in the next two

We ALL mess up. Get over it and learn from it.


1) Focus ONLY on your best customers and clients.
For instance, who has bought from you in the past?
Who are your best success stories?
Who loves you already?

2) Get Internet Savvy.
If you’re in Southern California, grab a FREE VIP Pass:
and join me Nov 10 & 11 for 8 of the world’s top Internet Marketing experts.


For the rest of you…
Next week I’m interviewing the guy behind
NIke, Coke, Toyota, and Motorola’s social media
branding. I’m sending out a WEBINAR invitation Friday…

3) Be ready for things to go wrong, and recover
quickly. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off…


**** Be humble and kind.****
This was really my personal choice:

Whenever I reached a caller who hated my candidate,
or voted for the other guy, I apologized for bothering
them, and I THANKED them for being good citizens.

And when I get a customer in my own business who
has had a frustrating experience with a download or
an email delivery (cause things sometimes go wrong,
remember?), my #1 PRIORITY is for them to feel cared
about and respected.

Because we ALL need that, don’t we?

Now I’m curious… these were MY observations, that I want to carry into my business.

What did YOU observe that you can use?  PLEASE POST BELOW!



Namaste y’all,

Morgana Rae

  1. Adrienne says:

    Morgana! You can’t giveaway these strategies to the other side! LOL. Just kidding. I have been telling people since 4 years ago that the Obama campaign appeals to people who are Internet savvy. They totally rock social media!!! This is especially important when the other side was stealing lawn signs and bumper stickers. Not to mention burning crosses on lawns — yes even 1/2 away from me in NW NJ!! And yes, he was right to be in NJ immediately after the hurricane. Even if Michael Brown of FEMA thought it was too soon. Haha. Still without power and ready to make my Hawaii move a reality as I enter the 4th quarter of my FA workbook!!

    1. morgana says:

      Thanks Adrienne. I hadn’t heard about the cross burning. Disgusting!

      Well, enough of that. Hard to burn wet wood, right? I sure hope we get you your power soon!


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