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Beginner Path

The Beginner Path

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You’re new to my work.
  • You’re on a Micro Budget.
  • You just want to dip your toe in and see what this is all about.
  • You like to work on your own and figure things out for yourself.

If you’re totally NEW, and you want to make money FALL IN LOVE with you, start here!




Morgana Rae’s #1 International Best Selling Book:

Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic & Manifestation

(If you’re strapped for cash and can get ONLY one thing, this is IT!)

Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic & ManifestationAncient wisdom and modern technologies bridge the gap between material and spiritual prosperity…

The “Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation” workbook helps you to create a new, loving relationship with money that supports your enrichment.

Then this book takes you one step further: this is a TOTAL life transformation process.

It’s an INTERACTIVE self-coaching system, part book, part journal… to keep you effortlessly on track for abundance all year.

Inside you will find:

  • Jealously guarded secrets to enhance and accelerate your ability to attract ONLY what you want into your life and discard the rest
  • Magical Money Exercises to stretch your boundaries and re-think your attitude about money, no matter what financial situation you’re in right now
  • A Manifestation System that’s irresistible to success. No more chasing after your goals! Attract them easily.
  • A Success Journal, so you can actually see where practical, real-world results meet up with the undeniable magic that will be appearing in your life on a regular basis.



Money and Women mp3

Money and WomenFind out what keeps some women in a rut of struggling to make money. Discover the connection between a woman’s relationship with money and her relationship with her body, her sexuality, and love. And most important, learn what you need to know to make a LOT of money and become even MORE feminine and fulfilled in the process.


Money and Men mp3

Money and MenFor the FIRST TIME EVER, Morgana created a teleclass for MEN, so she could answer your questions, address your concerns, and talk about how getting your Money Honey is different. You bring your own challenges. Financial Stress can be even harder on men. For men, it cuts you off at the knees. Morgana shows you how to slay the monster and be the hero.



The Money Magnet Rapid Transformation Breakthrough Virtual Training Program

This is what you really want for a comprehensive Money Honey training…


Now, for the first time ever, I’m offering a

for people who are highly committed to


I’ve gathered together the HIGHEST IMPACT things I do with my PRIVATE clients, and assembled them here, EXCLUSIVELY for this program, to help you

  • eradicate your Money Monster for good!
  • establish your NEW relationship with money… your “money honey.”
  • destroy unconscious decisions that have limited your success.
  • install WINNING STRATEGIES for love, money, health, and happiness.
  • improve your relationships.
  • resolve negative emotional issues quickly and easily.
  • create a compelling, desirable future that naturally PULLS you forward.

You get:

  • 6 Learning Modules
  • 11 hi-def videos
  • 4 audio classes
  • 12 coaching handouts
  • 6 checklists
  • and many, many Money Honey Secrets…


Bonus Step (for women)

When you’re saying to yourself, “what comes after the Money Honey?”

Money Goddess Experience Home Study Program

Money Goddess Experience

Become a Money Goddess and Make Money Fall In Love With You:

  • A new relationship with a money who LOVES you and wants to stay with you
  • Your own Persephone Prosperity Map™ to show you who your ideal clients are, and what they want from you
  • The Obliteration of your most Limiting Belief
  • Confidence and self-love of a quality you may never have felt before
  • A totally new way to set your fees (probably much higher than before) that feels totally natural, good, and easy

Filmed LIVE at the SOLD OUT Money Goddess October event in Los Angeles:

7 content-packed, Hi Definition DVDs (that’s 10 Hours of Content Rich Transformation!) and a 47 page study guide to become an Irresistible Money Goddess.

*** The LIVE event was open only to women, but the home study course is available to men as well.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...