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Why Your Life Purpose is Bullshit


“You do not belong to you. You belong to the universe.”
Buckminster Fuller

Every one is looking for their purpose. Must have a purpose! There are a lot of gurus out there happy to sell you on the urgency of knowing your life purpose.

A story I often hear from motivational speakers is the story of Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat. Alice stands at a crossroads and asks the cat which path she should take. He asks “Where are you going?” She says she doesn’t know. “Well then, it doesn’t really matter which path you take.”

People treat this story like it’s so profound, as if it’s evidence that you should know where you’re going. You MUST know where you’re going! Really?

I have a different take. It doesn’t really matter! It’s nice to know where you’re going. It’s far more pleasant to have a clear direction, but the odds are you’ll be getting lost along the way. Your life has its purpose, and this purpose expresses itself as you meander. The act of finding intermediary goals and getting into action will put you on the path of your larger purpose.

What is far more painful than not knowing your life purpose is beating yourself up for not knowing your life purpose.

Even worse than that is to have personal development people telling you that you have to have a life purpose. Of course your life has purpose, whether you see it or not.

Let’s cut the crap.

Your primary job in life: be happy. Happiness is not for the faint of heart. I’m not talking an “I got a Kindle!” happiness (though I’ll take it if you got it). What is the quality of happiness that doesn’t depend on changing circumstances? Happiness through serving, learning, loving, and becoming more truly yourself every day.

If you can learn to be happy, then you will be a model and a teacher for others to be happy. And they will be models and teachers for others to be happy. If we could all be Buddhas for happiness and fulfillment, abundance and prosperity, imagine the possibilities for the world. It doesn’t really matter if you get an MBA or paint flower pots. Where is your joy? What brings you your true abundance and prosperity? That is your purpose.

Goals and accomplishments are important. They give our lives direction, support us in our happiness. Like a finger that points to the moon but isn’t the moon itself, our goals point to something bigger: our desire to be fully realized, loved, valued, happy beings. The big cheese.

What do you desire? What would it take for you to be fully happy?

Notice what naysayer thoughts pop into your head when you think about getting your dreams fulfilled. We’ll call those thoughts your naysayers. Things to know about naysayers:

* Your naysayers show up when you care about something, so their presence can be a good clue that you’re on the right track. Kind of like a flag in the sand saying “Treasure Here!!!”

* Naysayers represent a point of view, not THE TRUTH.

* If what your naysayer says doesn’t empower you, say “Thank you for sharing.” (Then give your naysayer a pat on the head and some apple juice and graham crackers–quiets them down. Sit him in a corner. Go back to your life. Repeat as necessary.)

money monster

Get back to what you love. Pursue goals. Pay attention to clues from the universe. That’s how you live on purpose. And tell those seminar leaders to fuck off.








  1. Mary Anne says:

    I meandered here today through one of your articles in another newsletter…loved this article…you are so right about the pain of beating oneself up for not knowing one’s life purpose! Been there…now I will try to simply relaz, be open and present, and have fun. Thank you so much!

  2. You really know how to get our attention, Morgana! 😉 My demon was screamin’ pretty loud today … where are those graham crackers when I need ’em? Thank you for the right-on advice. I think we all need to hear this.

  3. Diana Divine, Dream Architect In Our Dream Capitol says:

    Yep, it’s true — the journey is more important than worrying about the destination. Much more fun and satisfying, too!

    Happy traveling, all. And keep those treats handy for your gremlins!

  4. Oh Morgana,

    I love this post. I’d love to share it with my audience as well. As many of my peeps are children however, I’d like your permission to remove the ending statement about seminar leaders ☺. Of course I’ll include the bio from your ezine. You are fantastic and I look forward to more …. and more…

    In Peace and Prosperity,
    Heather Olson

  5. Hi Morgana,

    Great article! I have been going through an inner rough patch lately, and the universe directed me to this article. Thanks for this and it cleared some of my questions.


  6. This is the first time to your blog. I liked this article. While some people are rock solidly sure of their purpose other people aren’t and, for some, purpose changes along the way.

    Life is about the journey not the destination. Take time to meander through life’s highways and byways, you will be amazed at the gems you will find along the way. Stop for the scenic overlooks and search in the not so traveled paths. The destination may end up seeming far less important than the journey in the end.

  7. Hi Morgana-
    exactly…..staying open to what comes allows for incredible fun and richness. When people get tunnel-visioned about their “purpose”, they risk missing the good stuff. There is so much fear, and of course the fear keeps us from stumbling over something that can really light us up!

    Meandering, especially in this gorgeous New England weather, brings great pleasure.
    Loved this article-
    xox and blessings to you-

  8. another great post. reminds of a question from paul foster case “is the future pulling or is the past pushing?”

    if the universe has something in store for us can we ruin it by not being focused on it?

  9. Kristina says:

    Hi Morgana. Nice to meet you. I will be honest here: what are you going to do with when the comedy ends? Finita la Comedy. Bill Faulkner “As I lay Dying”. Among a dying universe are we going to belong to death. Illusions aside, we should be real, and face the facts.

    I like reading your thoughts, that are taking to a dying point, dear.

  10. JVermont says:

    With all due respect this is nothing that isn’t old hat to me, I say with humility. I felt since I was a child a profound absence of any sort of a priori “meaning” to my life as I could understand it, meaning in purely rational, human terms. The presence of God never manifest itself to me in terms that motivated me to join forces with others under the rubric of a shared theological ideology. I never felt compelled to “be a _ ” Jew, Hindu, Christian or what have you. Any true significance my life may have is beyond the comprehension of human thought. I don’t think God exists in the terms expressed in the organized religions I’ve encountered. I tend to think God, if “it” exists doesn’t particularly care about the individual human life and if “it” did it would have taken measure to ensure ends were reached to suit it’s natural purpose.
    Anyway I chose my own life purpose. Actually I chose a couple of them because I can multitask where this is concerned: 1. Be a great guitar player. 2. Take care of the cat(s)
    That’s pretty much it. Along the way I try to (generally) be nice to people and (never ever) be violent or cause physical harm to others. I found no God to give me purpose and I feel no greater compunction other than to satisfy my pleasures while hanging around on this plane of existence. I want to “accomplish” something that is of meaning to me. I’ve chosen to try to become as good a musician as I can be. This is within my power (I’m not seeking fame or fortune, that is a childish impulse and is NOT w/in my power to control) as I decide how much to practice each day. Practice alone dictates success in this particular endeavor, as it does in most, so I’m in luck.
    Of course there’s no “purpose” or “meaning” to your life. Even if there was “they/it” probably wouldn’t tell you anyway. Find something you love and pursue it with passion. “She who unceasingly strives upwards, only she can be saved”

  11. A.J. says:

    I love the “tell them to fuck off”.. Seriously though.. How can you expect to figure out your life purpose from someone else telling you what to do?

  12. Finding what you love and sharing this with others should be the goal of everyone. Absolutely agreed.

    But your title kind of contradicts this entire point…

    Instead, it sounds like you are making up excuses for those that couldn’t fulfill their dreams, which is very sad. If you had a dream and you didn’t make it you’d be better looking at this failure head on, learning and dusting yourself off to try again.

    Everyone I know who walks the paths life gives them leads pretty horrid and unhappy lives.

  13. Jimmy jam says:

    You belong to act like it.

  14. ZeroBomb says:

    “A man said to the universe: ‘Sir, I exist!’ ‘However,’ replied the universe. ‘The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.'”
    Stephen Crane

    You have used happiness and joy interchangeably, but in reality they are very different. Happiness is exactly the transient emotion you were talking about. There are times it is fine to not be happy, but always try to be joyful.

    Finally, naysayers may actually be pointing out the truth. To ignore all facts that do not support your goal is the epitome of hubris.

  15. Evelyn Lim says:

    This is my first time on this blog and I must say that the top article already caught my attention. I don’t know the full details of my life purpose although I’d already walking on the right path. Who knows how my path is going to pan out? But yes…I get it all the time from well meaning friends who tell me that not having a goal is like walking in the dark!

  16. Karen Vizer says:

    Hi Morgana,
    Well said and right on! I love your post.
    The thing is that happiness is a choice and an inside job and beating oneself up for not having a purpose or holding back until knowing one’s purpose are both holding patterns that are stoppers and create immobility instead of flow-
    Rock On!

  17. Julia Mattern says:

    Your post title certainly grabbed my attention! You are a breath of fresh air and I appreciate your refreshing take on this subject. Thank you for not being afraid to tell it like you see it. You are a gem and I look forward to more.

  18. Valeska says:

    OOOHHHh my gooodness 🙂 i’ve been reading random things on the site and listened to your telecast and video- you are so funny 🙂 I just absolutely looooove the way you talk 😉 You seem like a dream! I sent you a question to your e-mail regarding HOW one goes about asking one’s money questions and HOW one gets the answer. Can’t wait till tuesday’s telecast and send you looots of love and warm feelings.


  19. spiro says:

    Get back to what you love. Pursue goals. Pay attention to clues from the universe. That’s how you live on purpose. And tell those seminar leaders to fuck off.
    perhaps the best quote i’ve heard and laughed my ass off, that’s so so so original. you rock an roll, i love it

  20. Sonya says:

    I couldn’t agree more that happiness is being grateful for the here and now, love is seeing joy and beauty in what you already have. Forget all this “I’m on my way to find the pot of gold” stuff: you DON’T have to go on that trip.

  21. urlop says:

    Greeting, perhaps this is not on subject but in any case, I have been browsing about your web site and it looks truly tidy. impassioned about your writing. I’m building a new blog and hard put to make it appear great, and provide really good content. I have observed much on your web site and I look forward to more updates and will be coming back.

  22. charbel says:

    i am sorry, but the answer is more bullshit than the question.
    1- why my life is bullshit? even though i am trying to fullfill my dream but it hard to accomplish so i lost all my money and my families money but still my dream didn’t succeed.
    so how i will feel happy when i see my only dream can not be achieved and falling apart with my whole life so really your answer is not realistic, it’s just like a fairytale.
    2- let us say that i don’t belong to me but to the universe, so in both way fuck off this bullshit universe because the trajedy is more painning than the dream been crashed.
    thank you

  23. Sweeney says:

    Ecclesiates 4:2 “Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.” This verse drives me nuts. Damned if you do, & damned if you don’t….I think though that you have to get out there and do the best you can, go for as much gusto as you can within your capabilities…that’s all you can do anyway….The one thing that you need to do, is find your true self… because…. if you don’t you come back here and go through the same old bullshit dude. Do it right….NOW! Find God…through your known means, & get-r-done.

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