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Why We’re Here (Morgana gets mystical)

BaliWater2014Something interesting happened this year when I was in Bali. When people asked me, “what do you do?” I gave a more honest answer than I’ve ever given here in the States. I replied, “I’m a spiritual teacher.”

It feels very edgy to share that with you. This isn’t how I market myself.  I don’t wear flowy white robes and frankincense, and I eat meat and drop F bombs a lot…

I also slip into other dimensions of consciousness pretty frequently.

So, when someone today asked me “Why are we here?” I felt a nudge to share my answer with you. You may love this or hate this, but I figured it was worth the risk.

Cause what’s more important than why we exist, right?

Why we’re here:

We choose our “projects” for this incarnation. Whatheart-tree
we call “self” is really a focal point of consciousness, formed in a physical body for a finite time…

The bigger question is why we incarnate as pretend, separate
beings at all:

The underlying true nature of the the Universe is Love. This is not personal, temporal, fickle, or f***able love attached to anything in particular. This is Unconditional Love, and it includes love for all the destruction and horror and tragedy
and ignorance in existence, not just the pretty stuff. Simply put, the All loves it all.

Being Love, the universe fragments herself into unlimited microcosms
of pretend pieces, so that we may discover Our Self, experience Our Self,
fall in love with Our Self, empathize with Our Self, and gradually understand Our Self through this illusion game of separation, through the experience of Other.

Just like we pretend our “Money Honey” is other.

The Universe loves all her parts.

Our job in life is to learn to love all of OUR parts,
just like the Universe/Source/All herself. And our
“ugly” parts need our love the most.

They get louder and more troublesome the more we try to hide them.

Even your Money Monster part is valuable beyond measure: it gives you
access to your Money Honey.

A global note: we’re going through a really intense period on the planet. It’s not just you.

Remember, when you feel triggered or angry or scared or unloved, you
are playing the human game for a tiny blip of time. You are also the
ocean of Everything, beyond harm, and this Theater of Circumstances
changes quickly.

Warm regards,



P.S. Next time maybe we’ll you why we re-incarnate and why we
have challenging experiences. Hint: it’s not punishment, or because of
low vibrations or “bad” karma. I have a totally different take on
this than the usual “wheel of suffering” paradigm.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...