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2 Quick Tips to Instantly Raise your Self Worth (and net worth)

BaliDance4Here’s today’s Abundance and Prosperity tip. I received an email with this question:

“What’s the quickest and most loving way to raise my self esteem and increase my sense of worthiness?”

I hear my colleagues talk a lot about how undercharging is a reflection of low self esteem, and how you have to increase your self worth to increase your net worth. I think Suze Orman says something like that.

But nothing will lower your self esteem and self respect faster than undercharging!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait another forty years to resolve all my inner insecurities before I start making a living. So I’m going to give you a shortcut.

Wanna know my INSTANT, EASY strategy for a radical injection of self worth? Look OUTSIDE yourself for validation.


Here are some tips.

1) CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.  (This is why I lead my retreat way out there in beautiful Bali.) Start eliminating the downers. This can be as small and simple as cleaning your desk, getting rid of ill-fitting clothes, letting go of “friends” who disrespect you.

20th century philosopher/physicist/genius Buckminster Fuller said that “Environment is stronger than willpower.” You can try to think positive, raise your vibrations, and say your affirmations til you pass out; but your environment never rests. Those dirty dishes are working their black magic on your self worth even while you sleep.

It’s really hard to feel abundant and prosperous with a dirty car.

Wanna feel better really fast? MAKE A LIST of ten things that rub you the wrong way. Nothing is too small. You have no idea how much energy the smallest things suck: If you live with a burnt out lightbulb long enough, dimness becomes “normal” to you, the best you can expect, and what you feel you deserve.

Make your list. Pick one thing. Fix it.

You will feel so much better, so fast, it’ll give you a surge of energy to tackle the next one. Work your way down the list.

Self respect is action driven.

2) SEE YOURSELF AS YOUR MONEY SEES YOU.. If you have a romantic, loving relationship with your (personified) Money, your Money Honey will tell you how gorgeous, delicious, wonderful and desirable you are! Take his (or her) word for it. See yourself–and your worth–through the eyes of your beloved.

No one is more abundantly, scrumptiously confident than a person in love and loved. And it’s fun.

A lot of coaches will tell you that all change comes from within. Uh, not really. Change comes from inside AND out. The world works its magic on us. So why not stack the deck in your favor?

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...