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How To Be Psychic

MorganaI don’t advertise this, but I’m psychic. Big time. We’re talking professional caliber psychic. I see and hear words and numbers before my clients speak them. I know things before they do.

I used to find it really annoying that I seemed to be running ahead of time, waiting for events to catch up. It’s like I’ve moved on to the next thing before the next thing happens. I thought the world was running a beat too slow. Now I believe my clock runs a little fast.

This is very useful as a coach, and part of the reason I work so quickly–I’m able to assess a situation and tune into a client’s truth that fast. The more I coach the stronger that intuition “muscle” gets every year.

Today I’m going to teach you some TRICKS to strengthen INTUITIVE TALENTS.

I believe you’re already as psychic as the highest paid professional mystic. Your intuition muscles are just flabby.

    1. “Trust but Verify.” Notice your hunches without attachment. When you have a feeling, or some word or picture or idea pops into your mind, make a note of it (physically and mentally) and see what happens. Over time you’ll see that your guesses get more accurate and show up more frequently.
    2. Allow, don’t force. When you try to be psychic, your conscious mind can get in the way. Ego is very noisy and drowns out subtle information. As your intuition gets stronger, you’ll command it better because you’ll get better at getting yourself out of the way. But I’d still advise you not to try it out in Vegas.
    3. Ask the Universe. This is one of my favorite games. Ask the Universe, “How can I serve you today?” Listen for the answer.
    4. Ask your MH*. Ya think all those people walking around talking to their Money Honeys  aren’t developing psychic talents? I’ve seen way too many synchronicities to step over this one. Talk to your MH. The information that comes back may not make sense immediately, but you KNOW you’re tapping into something.

*MH refers to your new relationship with money, after completing the Financial Alchemy (TM) process. If this is new to you, download the FREE mp3 gift I offer at the top of this page.


    I just want to let you know please keep up the great work we need you.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...