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Morgana’s Thanksgivingukkah Thank-off 2013

First of all it’s kind weird to write this as if I only write one gratitude list a year.

I usually write one every day.

And then I post a gratitude list every week (“Thankful Thursday”) on my Facebook page.

But I can’t resist another excuse to gush my gratitude, and to invite you to join me in an annual “Thank-off” tradition.

Here’s my list. It could go on forever. And yes, it’s personal. 


1) 30 years ago I was hit by a car, thrown into a coma, and woke with a severe brain injury and all the headaches/memory problems/sleep problems/learning problems/suicidal depression that came along with it. And homelessness while finishing high school. I am so grateful I survived that period, and for all the gifts of that experience: humility, and appreciation for the fragility of what we take for granted, and the opening up of my intuition.

2) Romantic partnership has been one of my deepest desires since I chased Brian Patterson under the piano on his 5th birthday. And he was the older man. I’m deeply grateful to be with a partner I love, trust and admire.


3) Home environment is really important to me. Every day I’m amazed that I get to live in such a spacious, lovely, romantic house that I fantasized about for 20 years before I moved in.

4) I really appreciate that I live in a location (Southern California, United States) where I can own a business, determine my life, and teach my own materials, free of persecution. In other parts of the world a woman is stoned to death for driving a car or owning a cellphone. Or she is married at 9. I lucked out.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 7.20.37 PM

5) Traveling the world with my sweetheart has been a dream of mine for a long time. This year I got to do it. (And we’re still together!)


6) I LOVE my business. It’s ridiculous how much I love my business. Success stories are coming in every day now. It just keeps getting better and better. Low stress, big impact, great income, and happy clients.

7) I love my clients. As I focus more on teaching groups and on offering self-study products, I’m doing very little coaching now. Yet I feel like I have a magical connection with the few people I’m coaching directly, and that feels really, really good. I can’t wait for my Bali retreat in May!


8) At least one of my two crazy, skittish, ungrateful rescue cats will let me near her. (It’s only been 9 months, right?) She’s cuddled next to me now.


9) After having that head injury on November 7, 1983 (30 years ago this month!), I’m really aware of the miracle of being able to read and write and communicate.

11) The Internet. I don’t even know how to run a business without it. And when I’m on the other side of the planet, in Indonesia or Azerbaijan, and I need help… my friends have come through for me. Thanks especially to Facebook.

12) I come from a really smart, creative, crazy family. I’m grateful for the really groovy things that I like (our humor, artistry, geekyness, liberal politics, the creation of the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the 60’s) and for the nightmarish stuff that put me on a lifetime path of personal development.

13) My community. Many, many years ago I learned that environment is stronger than willpower. (Thank you, Buckminster Fuller.) I’m surrounded by successful, talented, can-do people… and that puts me in a world where success is normal. In business. In romance. In innovation. In transformation.



Experts in the Raw

14) I’ve checked so much off my bucket list that I’m not sure what goals to set in 2014. I’m staying focused on what matters most: LOVE, LIFESTYLE and LEGACY.

15) And how can I have a gratitude list without mention my relationship with money?  My (personified) “Money Honey.” Because that’s where it all began, and that’s where it always goes back to when I’m ready to grow.



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  1. Lani Gossett says:

    I am grateful for a whole month focussed on gratitude. I’m grateful for all of my friends and clients, my partner, my children and my grandchildren. I’m grateful that I finally got the turkey in the oven only 1/2 hour late, and I’m grateful to be able to have friends over for Thanksgiving, for Chanukah, for potato latkes – and I’m grateful for snow last week which gave me an excuse to stay home for a while. And I’m grateful for a beautiful day today.

  2. Flora says:

    10 – I am thankful my home was spared by the terrible storms that hit my state this year. This allowed me to to shelter my neighbors animals in their time of need.
    9- I have the deepest gratitude to the friends who passed away this year. I am so very thankful that I had them in my life for as long as I did. They shared their wisdom, laughter and inspiration with me while they walked this Earth. Those we remember live on forever.
    8 – I am over the moon about my December telesummit Magick Miracles and Mojo being birthed and realized.
    7- I am thrilled I met my Money Honey this year and I adopted the Financial Alchemy journaling into my daily /weekly & quarterly practice. It has taken my biz to a whole new level and made my bank account more than stable.
    6 -I’m thankful that I walked away from a great earning job and took responsibility for my own earning power this year. I can not wait to see what 2014 has to offer.
    5- I published my Guide to Good Luck in 2014 something I have always wanted to do. I have wanted to share my methods for making magic for years and this guide gives my peeps a look inside my head.
    4- To my chickens & bees I have to say thank you for making me laugh and helping me realize sustainable farming methods are possible on very small scale.
    3 – I am totally grateful to may parents for giving me courage. They instilled a belief that I am infinite therefore my potential to help the world was infinite.
    2- A big heartfelt thanks goes to my daughter for being a great person and someone who walks her talk. Instead of grabbing onto teenage angst she has taken this opportunity to explore her talents and claimed her creativity.
    1- I owe my husband the greatest thanks because he gave me the shove of confidence it took to walk away from a job I enjoyed and step out onto spiritual path of being an entrepreneur.
    Happy Thanksgiving Morgana.

  3. Liam Edser says:

    Hi there this is my daughter Xavia …I am so appreciative of all of the things granted to me …the loves of my life …health wealth family friends and associates but most of all my connection with daddy God and the love of life
    bless yall Liam.

  4. Steve Goldflam says:

    I am grateful for my family in so many ways always inspiring and supporting growth and change to help each other make a difference with one another everyday.

  5. Dr. Karin Wettig says:

    I am so grateful for walking on two legs on this exciting planet. I am so grateful for the magnetism that brought me here and made me stay, because I came from elsewhere in the universe and had no idea how to be in a body. I am so grateful that Sathya Sai Baba saved my life years ago in an accident when a motorcycle went along and threw me in the air and amazingly this happened although I only wrote him letters without ever meeting him in person. I am so grateful that I was able to repair my lost speaking voice after a divorce and develop my Coloratura Soprano and write books about Belcanto singing. I am so very grateful about just being a seeker of truth who loves to express, live, sing and write what she experiences. I am so grateful that my 90 over year old mother is still clear in her mind and brain and can go swimming with me. I am so grateful for 2013, the year of amazing changes inspired by Braco, the famous healer from Croatia. I am so grateful to have found the teachings of Jack Canfield this year. I am so grateful to have found Morgana’s inspiring ideas and my wish for 2014 is to be a money magnet with no limits even if I have no clear idea how to attract material things. I am so grateful that I studied how to attract light and lightness into my life although I am still training a lot. I am so grateful that my young pianist by doing music totally forgot his autistic tendencies and started communicating in healthy ways. I am so very grateful that I can still grow and become younger every day and that I can change not only my diet, but also my health, my emotions, my awareness, my meditation, my love for life and enjoy. …. That’s it from Karin, Munich, Germany, pls meet me on Thanksgiving just on my website or on youtube or facebook and enjoy my handpuppets or me singing…
    Love to you all, Karin

  6. Kristi Beguin says:

    Morgana, thank you for creating a space for gratitude! My own husband sustained a head injury, coma, and months of rehabilitation when our first born was 10 weeks old. I am so eternally grateful that he recovered 100% , and that the fact that he is a very experienced martial artist and an expert drummer assisted in his recovery. I am also grateful for all the wonderful resources we had at hand to aid in his complete recovery. This Thanksgiving holiday feels so much more rich than many in the past, and I feel this is because of all the wonderful new friends and mentors I’ve met this past year. I am looking forward to being on one of your future Bali Retreats, Morgana! I’m grateful to have met you in person. Much love and blessings to you and your Love.

  7. David Kaiser says:

    Great minds think alike, I did this list yesterday on my blog.

  8. Harith Kassim says:

    Thank you for this valuable opportunity to share my gratitude. I am grateful that a blotched spine operation which left me with a severed l -four nerve causing semi parslysis of my toes and ankle of my left leg has not left me confined to a wheelchair today as I was for a long time after the op.even though tha disability is permanent it does not bother me at all these days .
    Thank you for having me in your community and your thoughts and positivity has truly caused a positive change of tide im life.plesse dont ever expell me from your extended family.Terima Kaseh which means thank you in my langguage.

  9. K Raman Raghavan says:

    Great piece and wonderful comments. My ‘gratitude list’:
    1. Wonderful family. Two lovely, intelligent kids. Dynamic wife. Great parents and a loving elder brother.
    2. A great education, professional qualifications and enthusiasm for learning and development.
    3. Terrific domestic help – a smart handyman/cleaner who keeps my house tip top and ship shape. A good cook who works hard to make delicious food for me every day.
    4. Good health and fitness that enable me to play the games I love (cricket & Table Tennis) even at 50+
    5. Wonderful apartment in the heart of the city with a awesome view
    6. In a position to help others who are less fortunate. My greatest blessing

  10. Tadmora Simkins- Respectful Family communication Counselor says:

    I am 56. Was born and raised in Venezuela. Lived 14 years in Israel and 23 years in Germany and presently living in Portugal and grateful myself for still standing up, running around with crutches after so many years of body injury, 7 Major operations and deep pain. I am grateful for the many songwriters and music componists that sweeten my nerves, got me out of bed in the morning, put me to sleep and inspired me to work and develop my full potentiall. I am very thankfull for all the genes I got in me that keep me going and staying optimistic no matter what difficulties arise. i am thankfull for Intuition and a little help of my friends. I am grateful that instead of complaining like many of my friends along my path did, after reading the Celestine Prophecies and going through its workshop, we could find the lessons to be learned and enjoyed the journey, because it became interesting to experience life and its “coincidences” as well as all the wonderful Mentors that crosed my roads. I am grateful to have met Marshal Rosenberg and his nonviolent communication so that my relationships become meaningful and fulfilling. I know that he will contribute to world freedom. I am grateful to have met so many wonderful people like myself that have inspired me and given me their gifts for free so that I can learn from them and develop myself. I am grateful for the Animals that shared their love and compation with me all over my life. I am grateful for the languages that allow me to write this Comment in English.
    I learned the language of Photography that allows me to show with a picture what tousand words are not able to describe because each of us sees our own reality.
    I am grateful to be able to motivate many people to get their lives together. To make changes. In 2006 I created a CD for people who are on a crossroad and want to envision a new path for themselves and get on with it. I can only say that all this could have not been posible if every person I met had not croosed my path and I had crosed theirs. Thank you and love you all.

  11. Linda Crawford says:

    To feel so ALIVE more and more every single day…and to be madly, deeply in love with who I AM and everyone and everything this God-Given life has placed on my path.

  12. Bridgette says:

    Great wonderful idea. I’m grateful to be connected to you Morgana and that you
    share your love with people around the world. Most grateful I’m for my health,
    friends and sister with family.

  13. Ian Nicholson says:

    I am thankful and grateful for who I am and who I am becoming since seeing the truth of the way we should lead our lives here on EARTH.
    Grateful Thanks!

  14. Shell says:

    Hi Morgana,

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is my Thanksgiving list from my blog that I posted yesterday.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  15. Sandra says:

    Thanks for sharing Dear Morgana!!! wish you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Celebration. I am grateful for:
    1) Being alive
    2) for my 2 wonderful children growing happy and healthy
    3) Because I have a very supportive husband
    4) My parents and the way they raised me free of fear and believing I could achieve whatever I want
    5) Because after 3 years of being totally confused about what to do to give my talents to the world, I finally have taken the decision to start my own business helping people to have anything they want
    6) My friends and all fun we have together
    7) The lifestyle I have
    8) My daughther is healthy after 3 years of being diagnosed with epilepsy- she is cured-
    9) I always wished to have a private chef to cook for me and my family everyday, this is now a reality and we eat delicious every day
    10) I am so blessed to find people like you Morgana- to learn more about money and living a nice live.
    Thank you so much

  16. Tracey says:

    If I may, I would like to mention how thankful I am today that I had an ‘in your face’ moment that served to remind me that LOA works! I have been working hard for over a year now on my thoughts, ambitions and internal love and have managed to manifest many things, now that I look back, from success in my job to internal love and peace . I have been soooo happy and upbeat for a whole year and truly believe this (LOA) is what works. I have listened to a number of Morgana’s interviews and regularly get her emails which I always read and take heed of. But today the whole thing came ‘home to roost’ when my (7yr old) son took out his €9 from his pocket (that his grandparents had given him ) and gleefully said ‘ I love being rich!’. Now, for someone who had grown up with an overwhelming sense of lack that is only now being redressed, hearing my son say those words made my heart do cartwheels!!! I immediately said a silent thank you. I know that all the work I’ve been doing is paying off because he is the most important proof I need. I know he will grow up thinking abundantly which is, for me, the most wonderful gift I could ever hope for.
    I just want to say to people, keep going, don’t give up, believe and stay thankful and appreciate the simple things and the rest will fall into place.

    Thank you Morgana, for your inspiration and knowledge. May you have many more blessings.


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