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Money Magnet Coach: Turn your Failure into R&D for Success

Turn Struggle into Success. Today I share candidly about the gifts of failure, and how to use them for success, wealth, and helping others.

This is what I say to my clients is all the time. All of those years of failing and struggling in some area of life is Research and Development. Whatever your big challenge has been, whether it’s relationship or health or money or all of them, your failure makes you an expert in that area of the human experience, so that when you come out of it you know something really valuable that can help other people.

I would not have what I teach today if I had not been such a spectacular financial failure. I was doing everybody’s programs. It didn’t whether it was taking classes in business building and marketing, or creating a website or getting a millionaire mindset, doing a vision board, and meditating with a green candle and having a great attitude… so what!  I was still making $100 a month, even though I had a coach certification, I had testimonials, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

The gift of all of those years in such a hard and dark and horrible place (that I really want to spare other people) is that I got to understand a certain problem so well–from direct experience–that I’ve become world famous now as the solution to that problem: that problem of repelling money, protecting ourselves from money, having a bad relationship with money, money being the enemy instead of the partner, financial limitation, and all of the issues of worthiness and love and safety, and all of the underlying issues behind it.  I only know this stuff so well because I lived it for a long time before I found my solution.

After I had changed my own relationship with money I was getting instant results (four new clients paying me twice what I had ever charged before, the very next day), and it just kept spiraling and spiraling and spiraling.

Since then I’ve coached thousands of people. The failures that I had, that research and development, taught me how to know and respect their pain, not to judge them. Instead I can say, “I get it. That’s horrible. I really, really know what you’re talking about, and let’s try this!”

The gift of pain is that it teaches us humility and empathy and respect for the pain of others.  There can be an arrogance with happiness.  We can’t comprehend (or we blame) people who are in a bad spot.  But when you’ve been in that bad spot yourself, you look at other people with different eyes, and a different caring, and a different respect, and a different ability to help.

  1. Harry Husted says:

    I was just wondering something. You are a coach. I want to work as a coach; not doing the same thing you are, instead, a coach of the English language. In other words, I want to coach others how to improve their use of the English language, so they can better their message to others.

    Do you think this is a good idea?


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hi Harry. The best way to find out if this is a good idea is to go out and find someone who’ll hire you–pay you money–for improving their English. Get your first client. Then decide if this is a good idea for a business.


    2. Cathy says:

      Harry Husted,
      I think it is a good idea. It is something I always wanted to improve so there are probably others as well wanting this improvement.

      Good luck.

  2. Ian Nicholson says:

    Hi Morgana.
    Thank you for sharing the video. I have always found that pain is wasted if you don’t learn a valuable lesson from it and use it to move forward. Hopefully what we have learnt should prevent us from letting ourselves be in the same distressing situation again at some later date.
    That’s where your money honey comes in.

  3. Denise Tilley says:

    Hi Morgana,
    This is such a great video – no wonder we all love you!
    Your openness about the pain of being in a dark place and your empathy makes your message so real and special. I, just today, acknowledged to my clients a personal struggle I was having that had long effected my consistency with creating my product. It has never been my way to be open about this topic but I couldn’t stand the pretending and the lying anymore and that felt worse. After I hit the send button, I was nervous about how they would respond, and yet being real and airing my dark pain and how it impacted them gave me so much release.

    I quickly realized that I had made the situation so much worse by not being open and acknowledging it’s impact on my, at least to myself!
    Your video validated that point again to me. That simply honoring the dark place and the failures allows them to transform into empowerment.
    That’s some great alchemy!

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