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Making Magic when everything sucks

I just want to share some gratitude.


The first half of 2023 really sucked eggs. Lots of challenges, disappointments, and grief. Loved ones getting sick and dying (yeah no, the pandemic is far from over). Lots of anxiety like I haven’t felt in many years. Even money was feeling stuck.


At the lowest point I was hit with three deaths in one week, the anniversaries of 3 more significant deaths, and my cat almost died. And I received a surprise $5K extra tax bill, and over $7K in vet bills for my cat. (He made it!)



I slayed a new money monster, invoked a new “honey” relationship with money, and worked my ass off to turn my experience around. (Fun fact: every time I’ve slayed a monster this year I picked up a new client. This still blows my mind.) I thanked money for saving my cat’s life, and felt gratitude instead of anxiety. I thanked money for how well I did last year that I need to pay extra taxes this year, again shifting resentment into gratitude and appreciation.


I asked my new (personified) money “honey” what he wanted me to do, and I recommitted to my “Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation” workbook daily practice.


Also led my witchiest ritual at my retreat in Idaho. But that’s another story…


The happy outcome is I feel like my expansive, optimistic self again, money is flowing again, my retreats are filling, my knees are healing, and I’m manifesting big things (like the Coast to Coast AM interview Monday night).


Outward action is critical, of course. But I see the shift in results–in my clients and myself–when the inner shift happens first. (Oh, and speaking of my clients, my current clients are ALL on path to make millions of dollars this year, so that’s going well too.)


Honestly every day I say to myself, many times, “I’m so lucky.” I meet strangers on the street, exchange pleasantries, and then Iinvariably I ask, “Aren’t we lucky?”


I’m so lucky is my mantra. It’s like a magic spell: saying it makes it so. My brain can’t help but find supporting evidence, and gratitude grows and grows.


My friend Michael Stratford gave a great talk two days ago on the game of life and how we play our own game of living. The name of my game is “I always win.” (This is NOT a zero-sum, winner takes all, win/lose version of winning. My definition of winning is winning at Love, Lifestyle and Legacy. My winning helps others win.) The underlying rule of my game is that no matter what happens, it will always work out. Eventually. If I’m not winning, the game isn’t over. I just need to stay in the game, slay another monster, and discover new and better ways to play.


So Lucky One, if we were to imagine you have access to ALL the magic in the universe (spoiler alert: you do), what experience of life do you invoke today?


So mote it be!


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