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Make Space for What You Want

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
~ Alan Cohen

Would you like to create fast change? Here’s how:

Make space for what you want!

When coaching clients are stuck and not manifesting abundance and prosperity, I have them take a look at what they’re tolerating in their lives. What do they put up with that drains their energy? Where are they settling?

We all have tolerations: those people, things, or habits that drain our energy, dim our life enjoyment. It could be a messy desk, or a critical relative, or not taking care of your health. We may have become so accustomed to certain tolerations that we feel that’s just the way life is. We don’t think we have a choice. We feel powerless, and that sense of powerlessness bleeds into other areas of our lives.

Every time you settle, you are telling the universe that “this is good enough.”

You are also telling yourself, “I don’t deserve better.”

If that’s your message, of course you’ll keep getting more of the same! When you’re life is full of settling, you aren’t leaving room for what you really want.

What I find shocking is it isn’t even the biggest tolerations that cause the most damage. It’s the LITTLE things that are easiest to fix that sap your joy without your noticing… the little things have huge impact, so start there.

Start small.

Pay attention to what you are ready to eliminate. Maybe you’re ready for a big change. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not. I recommend starting small. A little goes a long way. The smallest changes build your energy and confidence, and give you a platform for the next change.

Try giving old clothes away to Good Will. Or clearing your desk. Or spending less time with a critical friend. When you clear something up in one area of your life, you’ve created energetic space that will impact the rest of your life. My clients have won awards, received money out of the blue, attracted new business and found soul mates after they stopped settling in other areas of their lives. When in doubt, clean your house.

You will be shocked at how much good energy becomes available to you when you eliminate even a small toleration. Each elimination is a success. Success breeds confidence which breeds enthusiasm and motivation and more success. So give yourself lots of little successes. They get bigger quickly.

I’ve come to believe that creating space is one of the fastest keys to attraction. Saying no to what no longer serves you will build your confidence and energy.

You will be tested.

Sometimes when you make a big change, the universe will test you by sending you more of the same (same type of client, same type of job, same type of relationship) to see if you’re serious. For instance, as soon as I decided to be a life coach instead of an actress, I was offered half a dozen acting jobs for which I didn’t have to audition. I got to see how firm I was in my choice. Was I sure I didn’t want to be an actress? Yes! I only wanted to coach.

Hold out for what you really want. If you don’t already have a wish list of things you want to manifest, create one now. Then you’ll recognize the granting of your wishes when they appear.

What are you ready to release?

What do you want to leave behind with 2019?

Share your commitments (and your success stories) below!

  1. Donna Brown says:

    Thank you Morgana for sharing what’s happened in your personal life this past year. Losing a parent is earthshaking no matter what your relationship was with them.
    I learned that I only had one Father when mine died here on this plane. It’s part of life and we are challenged by the event.
    Holding your hand in Spirit as your courage is inspiring

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