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What a Life Upgrade Looks Like (it’s not pretty)

First of all, I want to express deep gratitude to the guy who broke my heart back in 2011, so that I’d be free to meet a much better guy a year later. (See below. Cute, huh?)


I also want to share my appreciation for all the times my business had a downturn, clients left, sales went south… because these events always connected me closer to my Money Honey, and they inevitably led to my BIGGEST financial and professional breakthroughs.

And my really bad, law-breaking landlords? They motivated me to move out… and into my dream house.

Suffering a setback? You may really be experiencing an UPGRADE.

And in my experience, upgrades are messy business. Not a pretty picture until AFTER the fact.

Why am I thinking about this today?

I had the juiciest conversation with a woman this morning.

She’s the latest member to join my Ultimate Money Goddess Bali Retreat.

Her story mirrors my own–and countless other clients. And while I’m thinking of her specifically as I write this, I could be describing  hundreds of people I’ve spoken to over the years. Or myself, at another time in my life.

Her lover left her. Her job disappeared. She felt like her life was at an all time low.

And that’s good news because…

I’ve come to believe that people, things, and circumstances come into our lives to serve a purpose, and when that purpose is fulfilled, they leave.

=> A challenge will last just as long as it takes for us to extract what we need from it.

=> Those things that left had served their purpose.

=> A relationship may last a life time, or it may fulfill it’s purpose faster, and make room for a better match for who you are becoming.

=> A job will give you exactly the experiences you need for the life’s work you don’t even know you’re going to do.

=> it will go away when it’s time for you learn that you’re much more creative and resourceful than you imagined.

That’s why, when I spoke to my newest Money Goddess on the phone today, and she told me her story, my whole body vibrated with excitement.

This was not how I expected to respond, but I could FEEL and SEE exactly what was going on for her.  And I’m sharing this with you, in case you’re going through this, too.


The universe is assisting her in MAKING SPACE, and getting rid of anything that might hold her back.

I’m awed by how powerfully we human beings manage to “de-manifest” the stuff that no longer belongs. (How do we know it no longer belongs? It goes away.)

It feels scary and sucky. We get really attached to what we know… even to the bad stuff–like our Money Monster. Because endings feel like death.

The experience of loss can be awful. (I am NOT a fan.)  But those painful experiences give us the Humility and Empathy to respect the painful experiences of others… so we can be Kinder and Wiser, and Help Others.

And the best news is that something inside of her KNEW this was really an upgrade process, as soon as I spoke it.  She’s so READY take that next step of her journey into greater self love, greater self- confidence, higher standards, and a whole life UPGRADE.




  1. Anne Robertson says:

    How profoundly true Morgana. It is easy sometimes to stay with the familiar, because it is familiar, but as Beazir Bhutto said “Ships are safe at harbour, but that is not what they are built for”. When life as you know it goes pear-shaped and you lose everything that seems to matter (not my idea of fun either) you can choose to go under or upgrade! I’m for the upgrade myself. The universe is a kindly place really and help often comes from surprising places, so grab it with both hands and go after what you really want; don’t “settle”. I myself had a terrible car accident (not my fault) but my car was a write-off, but guess what? I ended up with the love of my life as I married the investigating officer eventually and we’ve been together 20 yeras now. Money demons need slaying sometimes more than once but that is a satisfying practice and leads to bigger and better results no matter what. Upgrade every time! Have a blast Goddesses!
    Love your Money Honey stuff Morgana.
    Anne R.

  2. Synnøve says:

    Spot on Morgana! And VERY timely for me right now! I’m excited to learn what will happen next:)

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