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It’s all about relationship

Mimi Quick celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary last weekend… after banishing her money monster from her marriage!
Mimi Quick

Mimi Quick

It’s ALL about relationship!  (Just ask Mimi.)

Your relationship dynamic with money usually parallels other relationships in your life–the wounds of childhood, broken hearts, every hurt or betrayal or feeling of being unsafe goes into who you become in relationship to the world… and to money.  The happy news is that when people transform their mean, scary, witholding Money Monster into that imaginary “Money Honey” who loves you and admires you and demands your self-respect… your other relationships change too!

“Creating a new relationship with my Money has been one of the most transformational things that I have done for myself. I was intuitively guided to Morgana Rae as Financial Alchemy being the next step for me.

The money monster literally had it’s claws in all areas of my personal, professional, and spiritual life. I was struggling with being in my power, self love, and feeling defeated (beaten down) by this monster! The everyday battle seeped into my marriage, business, and relationships that created havoc and tormented me as I put on a smile and saw my clients, spoke to my fiends, and socialized. What a burden and who could I turn to? After all I was the coach and have been a practitioner for over 10 years …I have done, spiritual work and self development work around money, but the monster was always coming back and basically I needed an expert! That is when I was guided to Morgana.

Now, my new money is a sweet man who cherishes, adores and honors me. He tells me that I am beautiful, loves to hear me laugh and smile. As a result we have a bond that is solid and my relationships have reached new heights in my business, with my husband and most of all myself. I stand in my power easily and don’t waver from it, no more being bullied by that awful money monster. I know the value that I hold as a coach provide to so many other people.

Personally I have developed a loving, passionate, and powerful relationship that has now changed everything in my life! My New Relationship with my money has transformed all of my relationships in business, personal, and spiritual life and has taken off to a new level. The best part is that it has brought peace, balance and strength back into my life! Money loves me and I know it, I feel it and it shows!

Thank You Morgana!!!”

Mimi Quick B.Msc., RMT, PMM,
Certified Group Power Coach

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