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It’s a HELLO bite — lessons from Bali

On the road to my favorite temple in Bali, one of my Money Goddess participants told a story of a joke from a popular comic who shared that his children had a pet snake. Visitors would get upset when the snake bit them. The comic pointed out, “The snake can’t speak. It doesn’t have hands. It’s a hello bite.”

Later, at the temple, an amorous little puppy started chewing on my hand, then my leg.

Then, inside the temple pool of the sacred spring, a koi fish bit my ankle.

I was SHOCKED! In all the times I’ve come to Bali and come to this temple, that had NEVER happened before.

It was a hello bite.

Tirta Empul fountain experience

And that got me to thinking about other places “Hello” bites show up in life…

Here are some:

  • An economic setback.
  • A health challenge. (My car accident and coma in 1983–that was a big bite!)
  • Sudden loss of a relationship/job/dream
  • An assault

They all bite.

Stuff happens in life that HURTS. And we can say those things are “bad” and “wrong”– and I’m perfectly willing to say that this is TRUE.

But what if they were ALSO loving “hello” bites saying “Wake up! Pay attention! Your next chapter is beginning?”  A shock to lead you to a new level of awareness, that YOU can use to your benefit.

Here’s a little insider secret from my Money Goddess retreat:

Several days into hearing their stories and coaching my women on some really devastating life experiences, often rooted in early childhood traumas, I posed a question to the group:  “If your parents had been exactly as you’d want them to be, and gave you the childhood you wished you had, what gifts would you lose?”

Think about that for a second. Many of the worst things that have happened to you in life also brought some of your greatest learnings, innovations, and rewards. Would you ever want to give those up?

For example, my mother (a violent addict, but also a brilliant and loving woman, depending on the day) told me, when I was a chubby child, that no one would love me if I was fat. So she put me into ballet class, and bulimia, for the next decade. As a result, 1) I’ve been very successful at helping clients with eating disorders, because I UNDERSTAND them, and 2) I got to experience being a professional ballerina. Those are Big Benefits!

What are the benefits YOU can pull out of your own “hello” bite history?

By the way, this is the secret of Money Goddess #3: Persephone–connecting Pain to Purpose to Prosperity. Our own pain gives us the humility and empathy to respect the experience of other human beings… so we can help others.

Back to my experiences in the Water Temple in Ubud… I actually interpreted those puppy and fish bites as welcome kisses. I was even jumped by a monkey in the Monkey Forest of Ubud. I choose to believe Bali likes me. 🙂

  1. sandra watson says:

    hi morgana everything was going great until today when DLA said they are stopping his benefit Of £320 monthly he can walk yes but has ADHD and Autism, this is my son of 12 years why the sudden change I am expected to pay everything on very little bills grass cutting all have to be paid for etc I got onto my councillor why stop it l week before his birthday they know his problem I took him to water world swimming complex today 1 hour at jumped street, I had fun being aged 54 and jumping on trampoline as high as I could for l hour we came home at 7.00pm, I found this letter just put it to one side. the government want to throw me into poverty, I have prayed and no result daily but somehow I am still happy opportunity came for me to participate in ms british isles, then they wanted £250 entrance fee which I didn’t have. that’s about it for today, since I left work January 2018 this has slowly crept up now £5000 in debt but I just carry on

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