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Your December Survival Guide

Feeling lost, slow-witted and confused? Congratulations! You’ve hit your edge. This is one of those pivotal personal growth moments where the world you know, the “who” you know yourself to be, may be disintegrating to make room for the person you are becoming.

Sometimes these changes are internally driven, and sometimes our circumstances change suddenly and we find ourselves reeling.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel uncertain, indecisive.
  • You question your direction.
  • Business as usual isn’t working.
  • You feel hopelessly stuck, and maybe discouraged.
  • You may even feel “blank,” like you’ve hit a wall.

Here’s my big piece of advice for the month. STOP!

If at all possible, put big decisions on hold.
Don’t start a new business project.
Don’t sign major contracts.
Don’t expect to have the answers and “snap out of it” just yet…


  1. Take advantage of this time of “not knowing” to dream, tap into your intuition, get out of your usual environment.
  2. Explore possibilities without attachment.
  3. Recommit to your core values. When your outside expression is shifting, look for what is eternal inside yourself.
  4. Rest! Part of why it’s so hard to see, think, and act during these moments is your mind is working overtime, below the surface, processing information.

Lucky for us we have that groovy astrological Mercury Retrograde going on. Whether this visual phenomenon (the planet looks like it’s going backwards, when viewed from earth) really impacts our lives or not, your basic Mercury Retrograde rule book will come in handy this month.

  • Words that begin with “re” get a green light: Review, Revise, Redo, Restore, Reconnect, Recommit, Renegotiate, Repair, Resolve, Release… this is the time to take a look at the different areas of your life, your projects, your plans. Put your attention on things you’ve already started and improve, but don’t start anything new until January.
  • Plan for delays, reversals, repeats, and general annoyance.
  • Be extra careful when traveling.
  • Make sure your computer is backed up.
  • Expect people from your past to show up, or at least old life issues to stop by for a visit.

I, as your coach for the duration of this letter, give you a FREE PASS to take a break.

Your brain will come back with new insights, ideas and clarity. But for now, when something really big’s around the corner, give yourself time to process. You are preparing for a new world.


  1. Excellent article Morgana!
    Love it! Right on! You put it well into simple flow, understandable and not too esoteric.
    For some of us this time is more challenging that others.
    I can feel it already…Paying special attention to the Solstice time Dec 21st…

  2. These feelings are becoming quite common and more widespread. People (soul entities) are becoming more aware of the approaching new consciousness and on some levels, they are ‘dis-connecting’ from that which they live now. As someone once said to me, “The closer you are to your truth, the more unsettled you become”.

    Currently, with Mercury retrograde, and the Age of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus-revealer of secrets) these feelings are becoming dominant forces. We are on the precipice of a new age…take the empty-handed leap into the void, and enjoy the ride. Step back and take a good look at what is happening on the world stage. Everything is in turmoil, systems are failing, uncertainty rules the day. Things that no longer serve the common good are at risk of complete failure or deterioration. This is all part of the lead-up to 12/21/2012…the end of the 4th age and our entrance into the 5th age…The Age of Man.

    Fear not! Stand strong in your personal power. Re-invent your life, re-create yourself, and by extension assist in the global transformation.

    Blessings of Love & Light

  3. JJ says:

    thanks for the reminder Morgana!! Good article!

  4. Jenene says:

    Love this. You are so right on with this post.

  5. Thilde Peterson says:


    Thank heaven for you! I needed permission to take a break. It seemed like everywhere I look there are breakdowns. This puts everything into perspective. I am slowing down. I’m going to take on the “re” idea. I’ll review, reflect, relax. Thanks!

  6. Eliza says:

    Thank you Morgana. I can certainly feel this pull as I am sure so many others do. I needed a ‘permission slip’ to relax and re-group. I am excited for 2011!

  7. cynthia says:

    The “re” list feels right on…..I shall begin to “rethink” the path of my business!!! The full moon eclipse, these new insights, feel right on, and once again Morgana, you have hit the nail right on the head 🙂

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