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The #1 Thing that Blocks Change, and how to Eliminate it Instantly

I had a wonderful coaching session with an Abundance Day client. In one session my client killed her Money Monster 3 TIMES before she really got rid of it.

My job is to keep the process going until the monster is really gone.

Each time I’d ask, “Is it gone?” she’d find a little bit of monster left. We’d follow that trail to find a deeper level and a truer monster. Until we found the core issue and killed the real life/love/money monster lurking behind the others.

And then when she met her new, “Money Honey,” he was REAL and wonderful and 100% fully present for her. Like night and day. One of the most powerful Money Honey connections I’ve ever witnessed.


And I’ll share with you what the final obstacle was in getting rid of her monster, because this is surprisingly common:


  • Fear that she would be nobody without this monster of scarcity and betrayal.
  • Fear that she’d have nothing in common with her family without her experiences of abuse.
  • Fear that she didn’t know what life would be like without the wounds and traumas that kept pulling the rug out from under her.

She is NOT alone in this. So many clients feel this way without even realizing it. Getting rid of the monster can be scary!


Because getting rid of what you know, no matter how awful, involves a DEATH.

  • The death of who you’ve known yourself to be in this toxic relationship.
  • The death of some positive benefits you’ve created to make the best of a bad situation.
  • The death of familiarity.
  • The death of things that no longer serve you.

This experience and fear of this “death” is the primary reason people don’t change, no matter how badly they need and want to do so.

Nobody talks about this.

And I’ll give you the secret to eliminating this gap instantaneously:

We NEVER remove something without replacing it with something better.

It’s that simple.

We don’t remove your money monster without giving you your money honey immediately.

This dynamic isn’t just true in your relationship with money.

I’ve worked with clients with eating disorders, fibromyalgia, bad romances, dishonest business partners, food addictions, and any number of other negative patterns.

No matter how obviously awful a circumstance might be, it has a gift and a pay off or it wouldn’t exist. A cost to letting go.

And the faster we find it and substitute it with something YOU want more, the more effortless, instantaneous, and PERMANENT your change will be.

Change does NOT take 21 days. That’s malarky!

Change takes an instant, when you have a reason and something better waiting for you.



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