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3 EASY (and free) tips for when you’re feeling challenged


Greetings from Bali!

Oh lord! 5 planets are “retrograde,” meaning they appear, from where we stand on earth,
to be going backwards. They’re not going backwards  (obviously) but they are closer to us during retrograde periods, which means we feel them more intensely.

This may be true or it may be total malarky.

I like Astrology because it gives me an easy scapegoat–the planets–when I’m feeling challenged, and a built in expiration date. This too shall pass, baby!

I’m really feeling “in it” this morning with my super-slow Indonesian internet connection, and a bunch of commitments I want to keep before my Human Honey (my husband) arrives in Bali tomorrow. And then I lead my retreat next week.

I know… #qualityproblem

So here’s my advice to you, if YOU are feeling challenged right now…

1) Take a deep breath and look up. This is an easy neuroscientific “pattern interrupt” that helps us humans hit our neurological reset button and feel better and smarter right away.

2) Double down on Self-Care. Take a walk in nature. Get enough sleep. And do something to support a positive world view, too: I’ve received a number of private messages in the last month from readers telling me they’re “binge listening” to past episodes of Morgana Radio. And it’s 100% Free.

3) Keep a file of “Good Stuff” to remind you that you are loved, valued, the world is a good place, and you are a worthwhile person for those days when you need the reminder. I like to go through client case studies and be reminded that no matter how terrible things can look one day, and how glorious it can all turn out a short time later.

And remember that whatever is going on, no matter what it is… YOU are always bigger than your circumstances.

  • Love yourself.
  • Talk to your Money Honey.
  • Look for the learning–the deeper reason this is happening for you–so that you can take the lesson and let go of the struggle.


  1. Mindy
    May 6, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Thanks so thanks so much for these tips. They came at the perfect time.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...