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27 years ago today I was almost killed.

This is one more Money Goddess lesson: life changes that quickly… never take the future for granted. When you know you need to do something, don’t delay it!

Here’s the story of how I was almost killed, barely survived the recovery, and the learnings and gifts I extracted for you, in the hopes that you learn the lessons more easily…

  1. Beth says:


    Unfortunately the video won’t play for me.
    When I click the play button the following message appears “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

    Is there a way I can still view the video?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you for the tip, Beth. I fixed the problem.

  2. Jessica says:

    thank you soooo much for this video!! Wow, now I understand why you were angry last week…
    You’re so right about making a decision and owning it : )
    I know I’m going to be able to beat my money monster, and making conscious decisions is definately a part of the process.

    Blessings to you,


  3. Morgana,

    Love your video. It is sooo true, we never know what the future will bring. Buying the helmet today is much safer then someday in the future which will maybe never come.
    Enjoying the life today and what it has to offer today is the most important thing. And take advantage of the opportunities today.

  4. Gina says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called my son to watch it. Sometimes he rides his bike 10 miles to the University. He just turned 16 and you wouldn’t believe how “uncool” it is to wear a helmet, NOT!!!!!!! I think you just turned that around.

    It really is time to get my priorities turned around and I alignment with myself!!

  5. Gil says:

    I watched the video and I completely get where you are coming from when you say there is not always another opportunity because we truly do not know what life is bringing our way… and agreed… as NOW is only NOW.

    My comment was more in alignment with there is always an opportunity to create… perhaps not the same thing, or in the same exact way, but if we are still alive, we are able to keep creating and to start a new, even if a previous opportunity has now passed it’s time.

    But I get what you meant! 😉

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      I agree Gil. It’s not what happens to us that matters so much as what we do with it. All the same… we should buy our helmets BEFORE we get on the bike!

      One of my teachers said about learning from life experience: it’s like studying for an exam AFTER the test. He makes a good point, doesn’t he?

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...