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My Year End Highlights & Learnings (2018)

I’ve been going through my annual process of reviewing the year that’s ending and dreaming up the new year with my New Year Manifestation tool.

I think 2018 was remarkable in that it didn’t feel particularly remarkable… until I looked closer.

Some big things that I expected to happen didn’t… and some other big things that I didn’t expect to happen did.

That’s why I recommend this end of year review. And because I also encourage you to share your highlights and learnings with the people in your life, I’ll share a few of them here, with you.

So many things came up when I did this exercise that I had to add extra rows. But here I’m going to condense everything into a few highlights and takeaways.


2018 Accomplishments & Learnings

  1. Appeared on Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory. Wow! What an experience! Really unexpected. And I learned that I could have a positive impact, gain clients, and sell an insane number of books even when I’m not at my best. (Middle of the night… I spent the next day beating myself up. Didn’t even notice that my book went to #1 on Amazon again and sold 700 copies.)
  2. Put my father’s house on the market. OMG. So much emotional stuff wrapped up in my dad’s house. (Dad has Alzheimer’s and has moved across country.) Lots of learning about adjusting expectations, appreciation for my stepmother, letting go and deciding to be okay no matter what happens. And my relationship with my stepmother has been a welcome surprise. I am so grateful for her.
  3. Released 15 pounds of “happy fat.” Dad’s illness has made health a #1 priority for me. I’ve successfully let go of at least 15 pounds that I had added as a result of my husband’s ridiculously good cooking and simply feeling safe and loved in our relationship. The big learning: I am loved no less when I’m overweight (something I needed to experience), and for the first time in my life I’m losing weight as an expression of self-love, not self-negation. (I have a whole history of eating disorders when I was younger. My mother told me no one would ever love me if I was fat. Really.) Mom was wrong, and it feels good to be lighter.
  4. Said NO a lot more. This is always challenging for me, but saying no–no to promoting friends, no to attending as many out of town retreats, no to requests that I really didn’t want to say yes to–freed up more time and energy to say yes to what is closest to my heart. This has been a really big inner shift. And magnetic to ideal clients just showing up.
  5. My first “Rich Witch” 5-Day online Challenge. FUN!!!!  I’m still getting emails from participants sharing success stories about new money, new jobs, new cars, new romances from that light and easy 5-Day challenge. Learning… this direction has traction. I want to do more with this. I like being Head Witch!


My biggest takeaways

  1. I am getting better at being on my own side—saying no to what doesn’t exalt me and what I value. Asking for what I want. Not rescuing all the time. Saying yes less often, as if I have a choice.
  2. I don’t need to do what others are doing. I do best when I follow my own inner guidance and desire and create new things for my ideal clients.
  3. Funny thing: those people I used to look at as better or more successful than myself, their businesses have been imploding or even ending this year. I just keep plugging along with a happy life.


What’s Next?

  1. Money Goddess Retreat in Bali 2019
  2. “Crazy, Sexy, Midlife Love” radio show with Devin
  3. Devin’s movie deal for his book (we’re in negotiations)
  4. Buy a house in Mexico for retreats and VIP weekends, short term vacation rentals
  5. Launch my new invitation-only coaching program for my favorite clients


How about you?

What are some of your highlights and learnings from 2018?

Any exciting plans for 2019?

Share below!!!

  1. Fernando Davila says:

    Hi everyone, my review is a beautiful one, for a latin guy. I have learned to accept myself just as I am, as per my money honey request. He made a special request. He told me, if you really want me to be real re- listen to the special recording. I did and I became aware that I do have true love, and inner power within me at all times. He said, you are never alone, I am with you at all times. Feeling this intense emotion that I am supported by love brought up intense tears, release of stress. I am over come with a positive outlook in all aspects of life. Thank you Morgana.

    1. Morgana says:

      Wow. That is so beautiful. Congratulations, Fernando!

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...