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Return to Wizard Academy

Last week my husband and I returned to the Pathfinder Mastermind at Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas.

It reminded me of when I was 13 years old, going to a parent designed public school in Los Angeles. Starting in 7th grade, all the upper level classes–10th through 12th grade–were open to me.

I remember how much more sophisticated and smart the “big kids” appeared to me (it was an odd school in which the popular kids were also brainiacs), and I buckled down to learn faster in order to catch up… lest I look like a stupid kid by comparison. It was one of the best, most inspiring times of my life.

Now about this mastermind that meets at Wizard Academy…Other members of the mastermind include Joe Polish, Allison Armstrong, Joe Vitale, Ivan Meisner (creator of BNI), Eben Pagan, the late Bill Harris (Holosync), Ryan Deiss… and other mentors and influencers who dominate that weird intersection of personal development and online technology. A really interesting and impressive mix that includes a few of my mentors and a couple of my clients.

Here I am talking with my hands at the beginning of this clip:

The first time my husband and I attended, we got married at the on-site chapel (our 16th wedding), with my mentor coach Alex Mandossian presiding.











Clearly we’re repeat offenders and part of the community, and yet I still felt like an outsider for much of this year’s mastermind at the Wizard Academy.

Here’s what I want to share about my experience:

Rarely do I suffer from “Loser-itis” and feel so far behind!

And by the way… I consider this to be a BENEFIT of the event.

Because while I feel deeply grateful for my successes so far–I AM wealthy in money, love, and lifestyle–I am also light years away from the businesses of many of my peers.

  • I do NOT spend $100K a month on Facebook ads.
  • I do NOT buy and sell million dollar companies.
  • I have not created a separate corporate entity for every aspect of my business (though that is an interesting idea).
  • I don’t even aspire to make hundreds of millions or billions of dollars… because I don’t need it and don’t really see the point.

But I do like to learn, to see what’s possible, and to know less about some things than other people in the room: that’s where GROWTH happens. Catch up is the best place in the world to be.

While I don’t want to replicate someone else’s business, there are always practices I might consider integrating to be more effective in my ambition to help others while living as I choose.

And here’s a secret: we ALL feel like losers. Even our gurus. There’s MAGIC in those moments: that’s when we have the humility and openness to inspiration and evolution.

I can’t think of a greater gift. This is a situation worth seeking out. That’s when doors open up that you never knew existed.

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...