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How to tell the difference between White Magic and Black Magic

Yup. I’m stepping outside the broom closet again…

For some people, magic involves cauldrons,
sigils, spirits, and incantations.

That’s one way to cast a spell.

I personally believe that prayer, meditation, journalling,
and setting intentions are forms of spell casting.

It’s ALL magic. We’re all casting spells, whether
we use that language or not.

I’m very clear that magic happens when I’m
coaching. I can feel it running through my body.

But it’s not the kind of magic where I’m doing
anything to or at someone. My role is to be a
conduit that helps other people cast their
own spells on their life.

Today’s question is are you practicing

White Magic or Black Magic?

Here’s an example:

When you pray, “God, grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change, the courage
to change the things I can, and the wisdom to
know the difference,” that is 100% unadulterated
White Magic.

Whenever you focus on yourself and your
own improvement and healing, that’s White
Magic. You are tapping into your best self.

Financial Alchemy is White Magic, because
we ask our Money Honey, “What do you want me
to do here?” instead of “give me this” or “do that
for me.”

Strange and wonderful things happen on the outside
when we shift on the inside.

On the other hand, if we were to  pray, “God, smite my enemies!”
or “make so-and-so fall in love with me,” or “win me that
lottery ticket,” we’re venturing into areas of Black Magic.

Black Magic is based in fear and scarcity, a lack of trust
in ourselves and the world.

We’re giving our power away to some unseen force.
This is Money Monster land. This is not where
we get our best results.

Instead, return to yourself.
Return to love.
Return to trust.
Return to your notion of the divine.
Return to the prayers, actions, and conversations
with your Money Honey that bring out your best self.

That is White Magic, and that’s where the miracles

Happy Witching!

PS: Wishing great results for others is a grey area.

Is it manipulative? Probably. But I also believe that
whatever you send out comes back to you 3-fold, and
sending out goodness makes us better, happier people.

For example I’m a great advocate for wishing wholeness,
healing, love, and happiness on my adversaries… away
from me. Because I believe that truly happy, healthy people
do good in the world, and have no need to harm us.

So go ahead and cast good spells for others!


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