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What I found in the trash

First of all I am super grateful that I can leave the country for a couple of weeks and come home to 5 surprise checks and 11 new clients.


I have a mini rant coming. Fasten your seatbelts.

I was taking my papers and plastics out to the blue recycling bins,
and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Someone was throwing away designer sheets and towels. Fancy pillow shams. A pet bed (and catnip mice).  And this adorable Ganesha shopping bag. (Perfect for trips to Trader Joe’s.)
All in immaculate condition.


I guess I have an aversion to waste. I think of all the
people who could use those towels and bedding
and bags and stuff.

So I fished all I could out of the recycling bins, including
a little stuffed toy animal, and threw them in the
washing machine. I’ll give them to my favorite local
nonprofit organization (Jewish Council Thrift) to connect them
to a home where they’ll be wanted.

Because that’s where this stuff should go. Not the
trash. Not the recycling bin for papers and plastics.

I’m keeping the Ganesh bag for now.

Of course this got me to thinking about all the other valuable
things that get discarded. Talents. Dreams. Pets.

When I was travelling through Georgia and Armenia
I saw dozens of enormous factories that were sitting empty,
rusted, and broken from disuse after the Soviet Union disbanded
in 1991. All that wasted potential.

Empty Armenian Factory

And then I look at examples of utilized potential, like my friend Sean Stephenson.
3 feet tall.Fragile bones. Top motivational speaker. Funny and
inspiring.  Happily married to a beautiful woman.

I joined a mastermind this year just because I wanted to hang out with Sean.


All this drives home my firm belief that our problem
is NEVER a lack of resources. Resources are EVERYWHERE!
The problem is always a lack of resourcefulness.

Which is what thrills me about coaching and human potential.
Every day I see clients create something out of nothing…

    * Congratulations to Haumea on your first big ticket client.

    * Congratulations to Christina on your first ever launch.

    * Congratulations to Joe on finally being recognized as America’s Top Expert on Fashion Law (just as I predicted!)

Namaste y’all,
Morgana Rae

 PS. Want to see pictures from my wild and wonderful travels through Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan? They’re posted on my blog!


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