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11 weddings around the world, and 1 Knighthood!

Married in Slovenia!

Married in Slovenia!

Weddings around the World

We’re 11:11.

11 weddings in 11 countries. Wow!

  1. United States
  2. Mexico
  3. Croatia
  4. Montenegro
  5. Bosnia-Hercegovina
  6. Republic of Srpska
  7. Serbia
  8. Slovenia
  9. Republic of San Marino
  10. Italy
  11. Vatican City

After our first marriage in May, and then a spontaneous, “Let’s get married again” ceremony on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, we were hooked! We decided we wanted to get married everywhere, all over the world.

That’s when Devin cooked up his “100 Weddings” plan: 100 weddings in 100 countries.

So we ran of to Europe last month and got married 9 times in 9 countries in 25 days.

We just completed our 10th and 11th weddings on Sunday, October 5, in Rome (Piazza Navona) and Vatican City (the smallest country in the world) before heading home early morning on Monday.

Vatican City

Vatican City

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona



This experience has been way beyond anything either of us imagined.

I thought we’d sneak into churches, grab a bystander as a witness, and exchange our vows. We had a few micro weddings like that (in hotel lobbies, mountain tops, historical bridges), but we also had some epic Fairy Tale wedding extravaganzas with castles, costumes, cakes, dancers, boats, and an eastern European celebrity (Bebe Dol).

Had I known, I would have brought a nicer dress. And packed some heels. And some pantyhose.

m&d_08WeddingAtBledCastleSan Marino Wedding Party

San Marino Wedding outside chapel

Dubrovnik Wedding CeremonyDubrovnikWeddingParkOrsula

Double Wedding with Bebe Dol Belgrade Wedding


But wait, there’s more…

My husband was knighted in the Republic of San Marino.

Knighthood of Sir Devin Galaudet

Crazy, huh?!  You can call him Sir Devin now.

My personal knight-in-shining-armor is now a Cavalieri di San Marino. Wow.


Expect the Unexpected, and bring an Umbrella

Nothing was what we expected, especially where weather was concerned. (It rained almost every day in each city, and then the sun would come out on our wedding day. Rinse and repeat.)

It was the most over the top romantic, wonderful adventure of my life so far…  and I managed to pick up some cute wedding shoes (and panty hose) along the way.


Devin carrying me up the traditional 99 steps on Bled Island in Slovenia


Want to be in the know on getting married around the world on any budget? Head over to “In The Know Bride” at

We’ll be posting stories, pictures, and videos for each wedding.




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  1. Sandra Matheson says:

    Morgana, I absolutely love the idea of multiple weddings in different countries. What an adventure in so many ways! It is truly a testament of the love you have for each other. Congrats. to both of you.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Sandra, I totally recommend it!

      Yesterday I told Devin that I want us to keep exchanging vows, even when we’re home. Each time we get married we speak from the heart, make up new vows, and we become even closer and more committed to making each other happy.

      Not a bad deal.


      1. Nina Potter says:

        Congratulations and Great Idea to renew your vows often, Especially when babies come and jobs change or any family or friend gets sick or dies. There is so much better chance to save a marriage Before it gets taken for granted. The romance can just be getting started!

      2. Sandra Matheson says:

        I hope I am that fortunate some day! Enjoy a long beautiful life together.

  2. Wren Owens says:

    My sweet and wonderful Mogana….

    I am so very happy for you and about this incredible journey you’ve been on with Sir Devin! The pictures really brightened my morning, and knowing you are back home together, safe and sound, is a bonus. I’ve been thinking of you and imagining the wonderful time you’ve been having, and your photos and postings confirm that you have been! Looking forward to connecting with you again, and sending you much love, a big hug and a huge CONGRATULATIONS!

    Love and Light in all we do –


  3. Barbara Schiffman says:

    Congrats!!! I’m so delighted for you — the fairytale weddings, real life relationship and partnership you wanted and deserve. What a fun way to start (and continue) your lives together. You go, girl!

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