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Our Wedding Anniversary… the “legal” one

Today is the 7th anniversary of my *legal* wedding to Devin.

legal wedding at the courthouse

Technically this is wedding #14 of 26 weddings in 21, as we aim for 100… but it was our first officially recognized U.S. government wedding.

We were a little embarrassed about admitting that our first 13 weddings around the world didn’t count, no matter how official, so a year into our marriage we went to the courthouse and made it official in our own country.

Oh, and we didn’t even start living together until a few weeks before this photo.

A little marriage background:

I met Devin when I was 45. We started getting married when I was 47. While I knew he was my person, and I had picked him for life, everything felt so perfect as it was, and I was still fearful marriage would ruin everything, so I was testing the waters. (Commitment issues? LOL.)

About 9 months into our very happy baby marriage, Devin threw me for another loop when he suggested that we might “consider living together, some day..”  Wait what?!!!!

(We lived a mile apart. I had my place. He had his. Every night was date night–his place or mine. It was heaven.)  We bought our house in Long Beach in April 2015, and that became “our” place.

7 years later we’re still together, married and living together, and all.

We’re heading towards our 8-year anniversary of our first wedding ceremony on May 23.

And the 10-year anniversary of our first date in August. The date I almost didn’t show up for.

Blows my freakin’ mind!

As I get older, especially after two years of pandemic, I feel more and more that the greatest accomplishment in life is to live a good life… rich in love and beauty and health and helping others.

The purpose of money is to serve Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy.





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