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Want a “Secret Weapon” to make 2021 STELLAR…?

My bff and personal astrologer Carol Allen has an amazing planning tool that I just love to help you make the most of the each and every day.
Carol’s “Personal Success Calendar,” is a 13-month digital calendar that’s customized with YOUR personal birth information and celestial rhythms (that you can have BEGIN any month of any year!), you can know just what to expect and how to plan each day when it comes to love, romance, money, career, and health to make things go AS WELL as possible…  
(Check out my calendar for January 2021. Gold stars and gold happy faces are the best days for life and success. Dollar signs are the best days for making money…)
I know and trust Carol and her methods completely. This calendar has been my secret weapon for over a decade. I NEVER schedule anything important without checking it first.
Cause the one time I didn’t… disaster!
FYI Carol is the astrologer who predicted excessive marriages in my chart (do you think 100 weddings is excessive? lol) when another astrologer told me I’d never get married!

Imagine being able to take total control of your destiny by knowing when to “lay low” and when to “go for it” when it comes to: 

* Meeting a new love interest 
* Going on a first date 
* Bringing up a difficult subject with your sweetie, or your boss or friend 
* Asking for a raise or pitching a new client 
* Scheduling a vacation or a strenuous physical activity so you’d have the best possible experience and least amount of mishaps. 
It’s totally possible with your very own “Personal Success Calendar.” And in honor of something awesome in the works, the digital version is on sale at a BIG reduced rate until January 20th. 
This isn’t just ANY sale – Carol’s having a “fire sale,” dropping the price for the digital version from $124.97 to $39.97. (That’s a whopping 68% off! The biggest discount Carol’s ever given in 20 years of these being the most popular thing in her catalog, in honor of what a challenging time so many are having…)  

Here’s what you’ll get with your very own “Personal Success Calendar”:

“Personal Success Calendars” are 13-month daily calendars customized JUST for you, made for your specific birth data (using your whole chart – all of your houses, planets, the Sun, and Moon), that contain a variety of graphic symbols on each day of the year representing different aspects of positive and negative energies for all aspects of your life. 
By referring to the calendar and planning ahead, you can know: 
* What to expect from your days as related to your: money, love, mood, career, physical health, energy, social life, creativity, communication with others, safety, and more. 
* Best, mediocre, and worst days for your mood (only plan your most important occasions when this symbol is good…) 
* Best, mediocre, and worst days for your health (try to lay low when you see the “low-energy” times on the horizon… and go ahead and book yourself silly when the high-energy times come around, ’cause you can handle it!) 
* Best days for romance (these are days for dating – or meeting – HIM! Or spending quality time with your “sweetie”) 
* Best days for money – watch your investments expand, financial gifts show up out of nowhere, or bonuses or raises come through… (Time to go shoe shopping, anyone?) 
* Days to watch overspending or financial losses, (no shoe shopping these days…) unexpected expenses arise, or old debts come due 
* Best, mediocre, and worst days for you professionally (only plan your most important projects and duties when this symbol is on your side) 
* Safest and most accident-prone times to travel (no sky diving or bungee jumping when these “high-stress” energies are present…) 
* Times when you should avoid confrontations or big “heart-to-hearts” (as they won’t likely go well – maybe meet your boyfriend’s parents some other time…) 
* Best for communications and intellectual pursuits: speaking, writing, self-expression, media events, studying, test taking, and getting your ideas across (Gotta big test to take? Make sure this symbol says to “go for it”…) 
* Times when you feel extra “wired” even to the point of insomnia(these days you MUST exercise early in the day, and drink calming teas before bed – counting sheep ain’t gonna cut it…) 
* Best times to “beautify” yourself or anything in your life, such as your wardrobe, hairdo, garden, or décor(again – is it time to go shoe shopping?) 
* The phases of the Moon, so you know at a glance when the Moon is new, or full, waxing or waning (in case you know any werewolves you want to avoid)… 
* When important planets are “retrograde” and what that means you should or shouldn’t do (and when you’re extra likely to have “unfinished business” from the past come back to bite you on the you-know-what…) 
* When eclipses occur, and if they’re solar or lunar, partial or total, and what it all means for you as well(these are especially sensitive times – believe me, there are BIG things you want to watch out for now…) 

So have your very own “secret weapon” to ensure you have a much better time this new year and beyond… 

A cool thing is you can have the calendar start any month, and you can download it right away to your smart phone or computer to reference daily.
I have found this calendar to be incredibly accurate.
To your abundance and prosperity,
P.S. If you know anyone who would like a powerful “planning tool” for the New Year, please forward this to them (or better yet – get them one as a gift!). Thanks!


P.P.S I’m actually taking advantage of the current sale to purchase 3 years for the price of one. Because it’s a great value, and it helps me plan further in advance.

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