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The Secret to Abundance And Prosperity

heart-treeOnce in a while a client comes back to me and says their new relationship with money isn’t working. Where’s the abundance and prosperity? The first thing I always ask is, ‘What are you doing to make your Money happy?’


If our first session was recent, I’ll ask, ‘Did you do what Money asked?’


It’s always good to ask yourself, if you don’t trust money to be there for you, can money trust YOU? Your answer may be yes or no. It’s just a good place to look.

It’s not enough to have a nice idea of a cute money. Or even to have a real, POWERFUL new money honey who loves you like the be all and end all. Money’s not going to rescue you. That’s not the way this game is played.

If you want magic, if you want abundance and prosperity in real, material terms, you have to make your Money happy, because this is a RELATIONSHIP.

Here’s a story to illustrate the point. The writer is Janet Breitmeier, one of my proteges back in 2009:

“Sometimes I can’t believe the things that I do. Lately, the action that my money tells me to take is always the same. Money tells me to get outside and walk, enjoy the fresh air and clear my mind. I never do this because I don’t have time.

I also haven’t been able to attract any new clients lately. I even sent out another letter to my contact list. Nothing.

Today it came to a head. Money told me to get out and walk it is a beautiful sunny and yes, warm day. I said that I didn’t have time. The argument began. What was amazing to me was that it was very much like an argument. It was so real. He was soooooo angry.

I finally agreed and away we went for a walk. I went into downtown Dundas. It is a historic cute little town with a lot of trendy shops. Some I have never visited. Money told me to visit shops that I had never visited before.

I went into a shop where they sold incense and candles etc. A woman asked me if I wanted my tarot cards read. I agreed. It seemed like that was what I was there for. I had a great reading. Everything is good and in place for good things to come.

I found myself telling her about Financial Alchemy® and my training and sessions. She booked her first session for Monday afternoon. When I got home I received an email from another person who booked a session for Wednesday afternoon.

Note that this is the first time I sold the “transformation” not just one session.

Lesson of the day: be a great relationship partner to money. Listen and take action.

And here’s a secret to keep in mind: this is NOT a co-dependent, earn-your-money’s-love dynamic.

When you have a HEALTHY new relationship with money, the actions that make your money happy will ALWAYS be for your highest good and your highest values. Anything else is a monster.



  1. Greg says:


    Excellent article today. Thanks for the powerful reminder. I sometimes forget to ask for guidance on whatever I’m supposed to do next. It’s so easy to get into the head and out of connection.

    Also a great reminder to not argue with Money, and do what it says even if it seems silly, ridiculous or impractical.

    Looking forward to introducing you to my members!!

    ~ Greg

  2. Ioan says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Thanks for letting me get in touch with my money. I will spend them on my Garden and extra coaching Education.

    That’s enjoying life and evolving by being more educated for me and my clients.

    I will keep my eye on your posts.


  3. Beth says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Thanks again for your money wisdom. Arguing with money. There’s no point in playing tug of war.



  4. Selena Cate says:

    I’m trying to change my relationship with money. We are just coming off of 5 pretty awful months where we lost our 2nd car, employment, our sweet dog and $90K from selling our house. For the most part even when we were at the lowest time in our life we still had hope and respect for money. We figured that a change was needed in our life. I’m hoping to listen better now to what money has to say although I’m somewhat new to your site so I will need learn how to listen. Thx for your encouraging words.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hello Selena. The world provokes us to see what we’re made of. Use it ALL in creating a more powerful and terrible Money Monster and start the Alchemical process from there! Remember: the bigger and badder your monster is, the bigger and BETTER your Money Honey will be…

  5. Elly says:

    Oh my Morgana, that client case study struck me so hard it hurt! How many times have I overridden the desire to get out and enjoy the weather because I feel I should and ought to be working hard instead. Next time I’m off out for a walk and an icecream!
    Thanks for a great newletter as usual.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Hello Gorgeous Goddess Elly. I find my Money Honey LOVES those daily walks!

  6. Love love love this article, Morgana!

    I have a shamanic life coaching business and I have helped people to be truly happy and live life from the heart in the energy of Love. Lately I haven’t been attracting new clients, right at a time when I am expanding my business and need more Money coming in. I just asked Money what I should do next, and Money said: REST!

    My mind says: “Counter-intuitive!”

    My heart says: “Of course, resting is exactly what I should be doing now!” 🙂

    Thank you again!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      That is PERFECT, Astra!

  7. Hi Morgana,

    Now I know the Universe puts us in the perfect spot in the perfect time, but I wish I had come across your blog sooner….sorry Universe 😉

    Awesome take, as always. Money often tells us to do feel-good stuff that has nothing to do with money. This way, we stop obsessing over money, so money can sneak in the back door, when we aren’t looking for it. Because if we are looking for it, we are acknowledging it’s not there, which creates more of money “not being there.”

    Great take again, you have such a fresh take on freedom in green pants. Thanks for sharing Morgana!


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