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The Power of Regular Check Ins

For many months I’ve been touting the benefits of baby steps, positive support and accountability, community, and frequent micro-rewards to rewire our brains for success.

It’s way more cool to hear how this works from the client’s perspective. “Dharnia” posted this feedback to the Results Accelerator™ program Forum last week:



The Power of Regular Check Ins

Morgana, I’ve heard you say on a couple of Love Labs that in this program it’s a no-shame zone if you don’t check in regularly. Which is absolutely wonderful. At the same time, I wanted to share how powerful this program has been for me, sometimes in a very unexpected way, by checking in regularly.

#1 The thrill of earning a trophy or trophies! Ok, this might not be the #1 reason to do it but it’s an adrenal boost.

#2 Nick Ortner in his book The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self writes “By depriving ourselves of brief, everyday bursts of joy, we end up depriving ourselves of joy across the board. Feeling more peace and joy is a practice that begins with training your body and brain to notice and appreciate the smaller wins.” I’m training my brain to have more joy (yeah!) every time I answer the question about my forward progress.

#3 Detecting patterns – either that you notice yourself or one of the coaches or group members observe. I never put together how I rated my day month after month with my relationship with my husband until it was pointed out to me. Not only was it brought to my attention in a very compassionate way, but valuable help was offered.

#4 The depth of resources and knowledge available from the coaches and fellow program members. The people in this group have rich and varied experiences and background and I learn so much from reading their posts.

#5 Community – Support and encouragement is available regardless of how often you check in but when you’re posting regularly you begin to know the other people in your group and they get to know you. And with that comes trust to reveal yourself in deeper, more vulnerable ways. This has been a big one for me.

#6 Goal Setting – I’ve written out goals before but I forget what they are in short order Writing about what actions you’re going to do each day to move toward your goals keeps the goals front and center. Or you realize you want something different. And Morgana has a brilliant approach to setting short term and long term goals that I probably wouldn’t have read without having to state my goals at the start of each session.

#7 Accountability It’s so satisfying to state what you plan to do the next day and then follow through. And other people in the group are witnesses to your goals and will kindly ask about your progress if you don’t post it!

#8 Learning the power of baby steps. It’s easy to not realize the progress you make, especially if it’s been slow and steady. Being able to look back and see how your daily actions have moved you forward is a powerful incentive to keep going.

If you are not having regular 9 -10 rated days, not happy with your progress toward your goals, not feeling connected to your Money Honey I would encourage you to try regular check in’s for at least a month and see what happens!


Dharnia’s been using my Results Accelerator™  program to help her navigate some big life and business challenges.


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