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The Millionaire Mindset Myth (and what you really need instead)

A colleague recently queried me, “You know, we hear a lot about how important it is to have a millionaire mindset in order to experience a lot of money. You say a millionaire mindset isn’t enough? What do you mean by that?”


Here’s how I address the Millionaire Mindset Myth:

If a mind-set were enough, nobody in America would ever go on a diet again. We KNOW what we’re supposed to do. We’re all pumped up with our commitment to get healthy and lose weight. And we still go for the chocolate cake.


Our appetites, our desires, our beliefs rule our actions and results, and these come from a DEEPER place. They’re automatic. Our feelings, our emotions are much stronger than anything going on in our head. Our desires, our needs–our need to protect ourselves–are bigger than anything that we know about consciously.

So you can say your affirmations, and you can have your vision board. But if there’s a corner of your being that needs to protect yourself from money (and there are lots of very good reasons to do that, and you probably have no idea you’re doing it), then it doesn’t matter what your mind-set says. It doesn’t matter what you think you desire. It doesn’t even really matter what actions you take.

“Protect myself from money,”  you may ask. “Why would anybody do that?”

Lots of reasons.

  1. Almost every terrible thing humanity has done it has done–slavery, abuse, exploitation, environmental degradation, genocide–it has done in the pursuit of money.
  2. Money represents our most vulnerable issues around our self worth and our security.
  3. Money is the #1 reason cited for what we can’t have, do, or be.

It becomes the Monster that comes between us and our dreams.Your mind may say yes to money, but your heart says no.

What you really need is a Millionaire Heart-set.

If you are struggling with scarcity and not making enough money, or making a lot of it and getting rid of it, I promise you it’s not an accident.

You’re not a failure or a loser. In fact, you are being really, really effective at protecting yourself. But you need to become conscious of the true underlying reasons for protecting yourself from money, so that you can change them. Because unfortunately, protecting yourself from money will kill you. It’s kind of a double bind.

So what I invite you to do is discover the real inner blocks and then you can get rid of them and be unblocked around money. Cultivate your Millionaire Heart-set. And those money blocks, when they go away, they will unblock all the other areas of your life. Don’t you agree?

  1. amanda says:

    THIS is really good!

    1. Morgana says:

      Thank you Amanda. 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    I’m thinking a good exercise would be to write down how I would use more money and why, being as specific as possible. There could certainly be some new discoveries to work with in that exercise.

    1. Morgana says:

      Yes, Susan, if that will fill you with so much passion and excitement that your fears become irrelevant, then do so. The head will never out-power the heart.

  3. Isabelle says:

    Spot on, every human being needs to hear that! Thank you Morgana for the message you bring to the world.

    1. Morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Isabelle!

  4. Christine Senz says:

    Yes, I agree with Isabelle, you have really explained it all so well. When we are in ‘Protection,’ we cannot ‘Grow’ and neither can our bank accounts. There is more work to do, more letting go and ‘marrying’ my lovely Money Honey with my Millionaire Heart-set. Thank you, Morgana, for your great insights and deep wisdom.

    1. Morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Christine! 🙂

  5. Jehnie Astartiel says:

    The question for me is how do I get my heart into a Millionaire Heart-Set? How do I get my heart into such a feeling place? What does that mean? Do I just take time to feel abundance in my heart? Do I have to maintain such a feeling? How do I get to & stay in such a place in my heart?

    1. Morgana says:

      Hi Jehnie. You need to start at the beginning with what is in the way, with the Money Monster. You can’t skip any steps. (There are 6.)

      Here’s a free audio class to get you started:

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