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The Lie of Attraction

Vice is Nice

I love and believe in all this vision board/intention setting/beliefs change your reality filter stuff. (Full Disclosure: I don’t even have time to create vision boards anymore. I’m manifesting too fast for that.

And there’s a big BLIND SPOT in all of this.

I call this the Tyranny of Positive Thinking, or the Lie of Attraction. There’s a promise being made: “If you think good things, good things happen. If something bad happened, it’s because you had a negative thought.” I reject this blame-the-victim equation. Raising your vibration and setting your intentions are not insurance against tragedy.

Imagination–positive or negative–is hugely important in manifestion. I believe that 100%. And sometimes stuff happens (or doesn’t happen) anyway. I come across so much pain in people who are visualizing, meditating, tithing (and all the other stuff that should be manifesting them wealth and love and abundance and prosperity), and they aren’t seeing results. They blame themselves. Even their positive-thinking friends may be blaming them.

My personal reframe is a belief that when there is delay or tragedy in my life, my soul has made a decision that there is something precious in the experience that serves my true purpose. Some how. If I can survive it. (There have been times when that was an issue.)

I don’t think it’s helpful to outlaw negative feelings and thoughts. The last thing anyone needs is to feel guilty, angry or scared of feeling bad! Appreciate the wisdom of the shadow (to sound all Debbie Ford-y). It has something to teach you, and until you listen it will just come back louder. What if every obstacle, setback and negative thought existed only to move you forward to your goal?

So I would like us to utilize visualization and manifestation with a LIGHT TOUCH. We are generally more creative when we are optimistic, and that’s a good reason to think positive. Visualization helps us rehearse for success, and that makes success easier to manifest. I think there is magic to intention and requests to the universe. This is a part of my daily and weekly practice.

And there are no guarantees. IT’S A GAME. Set your intention and see what happens.

Last week I was hanging out with John Assaraf and some mutual friends at his house and he shared this genius formula: INTENTION, ATTENTION, NO TENSION.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

I find the lighter the attachment, the quicker the results. As the Universe sees fit…

And so it is!

  1. ElinAnna says:

    I so agree with you. Life happens. What is it that we are being told? What can we learn? We listen and pay attention to what is going on. Sometimes it comes back louder.

  2. leslie says:

    i’m really enjoying your blog entries – they rock. i too practice ‘attraction’ and have had signifcant results in my life as a result..the gift of shadow..the depths of soul work & the journey…i think we are so fixed on seeing gifts from positivity and not through loss and desperate times. as much as meeting my husband through attraction has served me in amazing and abundant ways, so did the dark and still ever -present loss of my mother. and everything inbetween.

  3. Random Reader says:

    It’s nice to see someone else agree with what always bothered me about Law of Attraction zealousness: blaming the victim. Not that everything is a “victim” thing, but sometimes things just happen. I do think there may be many different reasons these things happen, and not just to make us stronger or to propel us toward our goals. I think there are a lot of forces at work in the universe, and we simply can’t control everything.

    So I do believe it’s good to make the best of the bad, even transmute it (or at times), although for me personally I feel I’ve weathered the worst, at least for a long time. I’m ready for more positive things in my life, and have seen them start to manifest. What sets me back (and what recently set me back) is often not listening to Spirit (the “quiet voice” within, gut feeling, or whatever you may call it). Thanks for this, Morgana!

  4. Jules says:

    Hm, it seems that there is a slight misunderstanding: Law of Attraction doesn’t outlaw negative feelings – at least not the version of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks. Might be helpful to look at those books and such.

    Abraham say that the negative feelings are really helpful because they show you you are not on the way to attract that which you really want. You have a thought that is on the other end of the scale from that which you want. You can always fork off into another direction and choose good feeling thoughts. It isn’t about blaming the victims, but I really have to admit that I find the thought that I am the only force in my universe an extremely calming and positive one. No one can attract or choose for me. I am the only one. That is a great thought and one I deeply appreciate and love.

    Nevertheless: Thanks for the great blogs. 🙂

  5. Jean says:

    So true! Who’d have thought that I would actually be greatful that I’d had breast cancer??? Yet it’s true, because I am ever-so-greatful for the changes that came about because of that huge, unwelcomed, event. There are reasons, whether we can discern them in the moment or not.

    I wear the label “Survivor” proudly now. Who’da thunk??


  6. Lorrie Kazan says:

    Well said, Morgana.

  7. Amy says:

    Excellent post Morgana! I love John’s elegant and simple formula. 🙂

    It does seem that our greatest brilliance arises out of our dark moments. Maybe it’s because in order to see we must shine our inner light ever brighter? 🙂

    To Jules: Abraham indicates that the negative emotions and feelings indicate that you are not in alignment with what your Source part (larger part) has become. Not whether you are on your way to what you want. Your Source part becomes what you ask for vibrationally immediately. What you have asked for is done vibrationally immediately. When you move toward it and that which your larger part has become, you feel good and when you move away from that which your larger part is you feel bad. Simple. It serves as a barometer of how you are doing in bringing the two parts together.

    As I understand it and experience it, LOA is about aligning with Joy and that happens when all parts of ourself are aligned. When they align and we vibrate with joy regardless of what is present or not present in our lives, that which we have wanted, manifests.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Very true, Amy.

      And I’ve had wonderful things fall into my lap when I felt sorry for myself, and tragedy strike when I felt like my life was perfect.

      The trick of life is to appreciate ALL of it, get the value and learning from each experience, and practice whatever works for YOU!

  8. TJ says:

    Hi Morgana, my life seems to be at a stand-still. Nothing is coming in and yet lots, especially, seems to be going out.
    Your reframe above about soul wanting you to really get something from the moment, really resonates with me. The thing is I have been asking for awareness and nothing …..
    I am having to give up on my company and go and find work, because my services are not being requested. I left the corporate world 4 years ago and now I have to return, just to pay my bills.
    Can you please tell me what product of yours speaks specifically about the Money Honey which I can purchase, eg. book, audio? If I am going to have one Honey in my life, i want to be sure it’s my Money Honey 🙂
    Much gratitude for you.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Dear TJ,

      It’s times like these, when things are at a stand-still, that it’s really good to have a Money Honey! When I find myself in one of those transitional moments, when things that used to work aren’t working (time to evolve!), I ask my Money Honey, “What’s going on here? What do you want me to learn?” That’s when I have my biggest breakthroughs.

      Most of my products speak about the Money Honey, but I’m thinking about what will help you the most right now…

      For just getting started at the lowest price point possible, I’d recommend my e-book for $30 (no tax or shipping) and/or my “women and money” mp3 download for $20. Both are available at

      A bigger investment, but it was my first intuitive hit when I read your note, is my Financial Alchemy Academy: a high-tech, interactive, online coaching program. It’s brand new with videos, audios, exercises, self-assessments, and live calls. It offers far more nuance, guidance, support and accountability–and direct access to me–than my other products. You can preview it at

  9. Emma says:

    Hi Morgana,

    Thanks for exposing this “dark side” of the Law of Attraction.

    “You caused the natural disaster with your thoughts” etc. seems to me like a way to try to get the certainty, predictability and explanation that the natural world rarely provides.

    As long as you are alive, pain and loss (major and minor) are inevitable. And it’s a perfectly natural human tendency to ask “Why did that happen?!”

    You write, “My personal reframe is a belief that when there is delay or tragedy in my life, my soul has made a decision that there is something precious in the experience that serves my true purpose.” It sounds like while you trust that preciousness is there, you recognize that it’s often tough to see it while you are immersed in the experience. Being able to tolerate and sit with uncertainty is necessary, because the meaning cannot be forced prematurely. (Sometimes you don’t see it till years later.)

    For this reason it’s so valuable to have at least one person in your life who is empathic, can acknowledge your feelings and accept them as they are. It’s a rare commodity in our fix-it, how-to culture. One of the few consolations in this unpredictable world is that we are all in it together.


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you Emma! I’m so glad to meet a sister who “gets it.”

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