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The Lie of Attraction

Vice is Nice

I love and believe in all this vision board/intention setting/beliefs change your reality filter stuff. (Full Disclosure: I don’t even have time to create vision boards anymore. I’m manifesting too fast for that.

And there’s a big BLIND SPOT in all of this.

I call this the Tyranny of Positive Thinking, or the Lie of Attraction. There’s a promise being made: “If you think good things, good things happen. If something bad happened, it’s because you had a negative thought.” I reject this blame-the-victim equation. Raising your vibration and setting your intentions are not insurance against tragedy.

Imagination–positive or negative–is hugely important in manifestion. I believe that 100%. And sometimes stuff happens (or doesn’t happen) anyway. I come across so much pain in people who are visualizing, meditating, tithing (and all the other stuff that should be manifesting them wealth and love and abundance and prosperity), and they aren’t seeing results. They blame themselves. Even their positive-thinking friends may be blaming them.

My personal reframe is a belief that when there is delay or tragedy in my life, my soul has made a decision that there is something precious in the experience that serves my true purpose. Some how. If I can survive it. (There have been times when that was an issue.)

I don’t think it’s helpful to outlaw negative feelings and thoughts. The last thing anyone needs is to feel guilty, angry or scared of feeling bad! Appreciate the wisdom of the shadow (to sound all Debbie Ford-y). It has something to teach you, and until you listen it will just come back louder. What if every obstacle, setback and negative thought existed only to move you forward to your goal?

So I would like us to utilize visualization and manifestation with a LIGHT TOUCH. We are generally more creative when we are optimistic, and that’s a good reason to think positive. Visualization helps us rehearse for success, and that makes success easier to manifest. I think there is magic to intention and requests to the universe. This is a part of my daily and weekly practice.

And there are no guarantees. IT’S A GAME. Set your intention and see what happens.

Last week I was hanging out with John Assaraf and some mutual friends at his house and he shared this genius formula: INTENTION, ATTENTION, NO TENSION.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

I find the lighter the attachment, the quicker the results. As the Universe sees fit…

And so it is!

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...