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The Law of Attractive Whining

It happens all the time. I get that thought, “I want (what that other person has)! Why don’t I have that?”

A day later it drops into my lap.

Let me give you some background:

In 2007 a friend of mine was being interviewed on ABC-TV. I immediately went into envy mode. I whined to myself, “I want to do that!”

The next morning I got a call: one of their guests had a last minute conflict, and I ended up taking their place on the interview.

But really, this happens ALL THE TIME.  I’m thinking about why this works…

Shouldn’t whining and envy and self-pity be low vibration and repellant?

Apparently not!

I think, perhaps, it works because

  • I don’t obsess about this stuff.
  • It plants an idea in my head of what’s possible.
  • And the I DON’T WORK AT IT!

All I have to do is whine, resent that I don’t have something too, then MOVE ON.

And then be ready to do whatever must be done when the opportunity arises, but in the meanwhile focus on other stuff.

I think the magic is in the “moving on” part….

This approach hasn’t worked with romance, however. If it had, I’d be dating Clive Owen.

Cllive Owen

Cllive Owen


Any thoughts or comments on why this works?

  1. Hi

    I like this idea. There’s something I want very much right now, but I haven’t thought about whining about it! 🙂 (I am getting on with other things, though)

    I wonder if that is all there is to it, or if you’re actually doing an awful lot of ‘right stuff’ every day without noticing it anymore.

    Anyway, I’m making contact because I reckon you’ve been whining that “No-one’s even bothered to make a comment on this post!” 😉


    Ps Clive Owen? He’s a Brit y’know! Can’t trust those Brits! Lol

  2. 52 Faces says:


    Thank you for this! I absolutely loooove whining and I’m glad to see how I can harness its power into manifestation.

    Thank you also for the valuable tip you gave on the CTI listserve. I love blogging and have been hating my website in action but I just may take the way out and turn my own site into a blog.

    (getting tempted to hire you but I’m sure I can’t afford you lol)

  3. Moondance says:

    Funny thing about Clive Owen! (I predict you will get a larger response to his mention than anything else!) When I was in Australia, I tore out a portrait of him in an advert (maybe for men’s cologne?) He looked damn good!
    (My husband didn’t mind!) Later, I made a friend, who was feeling lonely one night in her hotel room on the night we were to leave to go back to the US). It was a hard decision, but I had to do the right thing. I had Clive’s advert hand-delivered to her room. I think all ob-gyns should have his photo taped to the ceiling above the examining table. Then we’d all feel a lot happier!

  4. Lissa Boles says:

    If you’ve never heard of her, you might check out Caroline Casey, author of making the God’s Work For You and found of The Trickster Mystery School.

    You two would LOVE each other: both wildly intelligent and studied women, both with deliciously wicked senses of humor and the unpredictable Trickster’s sense of the possible.

    Keep on shakin’ things up: we need ya out here!


  5. Martina says:

    I enjoyed reading this post and think that it is a great idea to try!

    As far as Clive goes – he is quite dreamy!

  6. Angelwitch says:

    I’m always looking for great law of attraction stories because I believe in it so much! I never thought of whinning as a law of attraction method – goodness knows I whine sometimes anyway – but its worth giving it a try!

    I do have to say that the law of attraction has definitely worked in my life – I just have to figure how to harness that power!

  7. Allison says:

    Hi Morgana!

    This is GREAT! 🙂 I think that it is the intense passion for something that leads to the “whine” that is the fuel for manifestation! 🙂 I may try this. LOL Kids do it all the time and I bet they receive the majority of what they desire.

    Today I think I’ll choose to whine about being a million dollar coach! That should get the ball rolling. YAY!!

    Thank you for all that you share! I enjoy following your work and your kitties very much.

    Have a beautiful and abundant Saturday!


    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Allison! (And great point about kids.)

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