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The Grand Lesson of 2020

If there’s any grand lesson to 2020, it’s flexibility. Not a single person on earth had the year we planned or expected. Years ago a friend said to me, “Be like water, not taffy.” Water shifts easily and resists nothing. Taffy is stiff and hard to bend.

I’m thinking a lot about water today, of tides. The tides go out, and then they come in. In my experience periods of loss make space for new life, new abundance.

I honestly don’t know if we’ve all lost loved ones, but that has been a big part of this year’s picture for me and those close to me. Many of us gave up dreams for this year, and focused just on staying afloat; while others of us found and rode waves of opportunity. I consider both of these options equally valid for the times.

Sometimes water flows swiftly, sometimes slowly. Sometimes it’s peaceful, sometimes choppy. Part of creating a flow of abundance is learning to sail what IS, whatever it is, and set your course with the current of what wants to happen.

Even slaying your Money Monster and getting into right relationship with your Money Honey is an experience of re-aligning with what is in a new way that affirms and empowers you.

This year has felt slow and sludgy to me. And that’s already changing. Imagine a current at the bottom of the ocean working its way to the surface. That’s what’s happening now. So if you’re riding waves of abundance right now, yay you!!!! Keep riding those waves!!! And if you’re focused on staying afloat right now… keep going. It will get better. Much better. I’m already seeing signs.

====> Use this time to focus on INNER SHIFT. Grow your container. Do the deep inner work. Outer results always always always follower inner shift. (I’ll be sending you a gift to help you with that next week.)

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