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Your Task Is Not To Seek For Love

“Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.”

― Rumi



I’m the girl who has always sought love.

I chased Brian Patterson under the piano at his 5th birthday party.

I was four.

And today as a coach, I see that behind every tale of financial woe is the story of a broken heart… a deficit of love.

The Alchemist does not begin with seeking gold. The first step of Alchemy is called “negridio”–the blackening… seeking out the darkness.


Where in your life have you built barriers to love?


For many of us those barriers show up in doubting our worth, not getting clients, not getting paid enough, not believing in ourselves, not attracting relationships that bring out our best.

I had such huge barriers to love in my business that I had to transform my image of money into a cute guy… just so I could stop pushing money away!

And I find, still, that every life breakthrough–whatever that means to you–is a function of love.

And yet, seeking love doesn’t yield the breakthrough.

Just like telling a person to love herself “more” is useless.


Forget the search. Look for all your reasons to repel or protect yourself from what you think you want.


This has been the story of my life over and over again… being the good student, doing everything “right,” chasing the dream, and finding that the key to what I wanted — clients, money, weight loss, romance, etc — came from finding, owning, embracing, and then changing my inner barriers first.


What was a barrier becomes a gateway…


  1. Rebecca says:

    Morgana, I just wanted to thank you for writing this — it really resonated with me. I love how you tell it like it is… gloves off… but yet with so much love for your readers. This post reminds me of your interview where you talked about people end up hating themselves for hating themselves–here you talk about how you just can’t tell people to love themselves more, but to seek the darkness instead. Thanks for sharing all that you share. I’m glad that you’re here.

  2. Aurelio says:

    Great post, Morgana!… It made me think about how much money I want to make a month… and then I realized that I wasn’t congruent with that internally… a little voice was saying, “You’re not really worth that much!…” It shows me what I need to work on!… Thx!… Love, Aurelio.

  3. This article resonates with me because while I teach about, and open others to, universal unconditonal love, my subconscious seemed to be stuck on ‘you love you get hurt’.
    Thanks for sharing and giving me something to ponder — universal love is teaching, forgiving and wonderful, but perhaps when I also my own haert spirit to be free all those dreams standing aloof will come to be.
    Gassho and Daianshin to you.

  4. I am blessed and grateful to know I am not alone in this way of thinking. I shall continue to dissolve my harmful relationship with my money Monster that looks like the grim reaper and further embrace my Money Honey that Looks like millionaire Actor/Entertainer LL COOL J!

  5. Renee says:

    Morgana, I really appreciate how authentic you are in your articles and videos! This was so inspiring. I have been working through inner barriers the past few months, and your article feels exactly true for me – and encourages me to keep going. Blessings & Joy!

  6. Mónica says:

    Morgana, thank you for your generosity in teaching us what the barriers to make our dreams come true are.The poem by Rumi that you chose depicts it with exquisite precision. You are an inspiring leader and I love to read your articles and watch your videos. They make me think about my own barriers and wounds and open my heart to new ways of discovering my money Honey. Thank you!

  7. Carolyn says:

    I loved the poem by Rumi and your article. So often when I find myself seeking, it’s really the still quiet voice within seeking me to listen, let go and release the barriers that hold me back. Thank you for your honesty and wisdom.

  8. John Overton says:

    Hi Morganae!
    Thank you for writing this.

    The Alchemical Path is a fascinating pattern to guide one’s way, especially in “questionable Life terrains” – thank you for your wisdom in quoting from it.

    What I have seen/observed and also know first-hand in my own experience is what happens when we leave the relatively “climeable peaks” (for want of a better expression) of the so-called Minor Work and find ourselves plunged into the Major Work (often our soul’s decision deeply veiled beneath our normal conscious choosing) where suddenly all the “new skills” we had been putting into practice to realize our “new, conscious Self” don’t “work” any more (well, they do, it’s just they’re working now to manifest the Soul’s Purpose which may NOT be what we thought we “wanted.”)

    Changing one’s inner barriers after a process which has seemed like this….
    – Unconscious Creation of loads of things I don’t want (the Life before Change)
    – the introduction to the alchemical process – the negridio and more
    – at last learning Conscious Creation and seeing my Life blossom in ways I could never have imagined (the minor work)
    – the sudden descent (like an upturned Kundalini awakening) – being plunged into the depths, deeper and at completely different levels than before, multi-dimensioned and not working according to the “laws hitherto” (etc)
    …. is the real hero’s journey, the journey through the unknown, the Da’ath of the Kabbalah, and requires so much trust….

    I believe we need, “in these times” more support for this hero’s journey through utter confusion and darkness – without these journeys, I feel it will be “difficult” for enough people will be that truly divine mix of “ascended+descended” (whatever that means?!) I envisage these ascended+descended souls as a huge cloud of 100th monkeys helping CoCreative New Transformed Life over its threshold of fear (however unreal fear may actually be in divine reality!)

    Thank you for what you do and what you write and the way you help people to their deeper empowerment!

    John Overton

  9. Miranda says:

    A really interesting and thought-provoking post!! This is one of my favorite quotes, and I love how you built upon it. I do want to point out, however, that you misattributed the quote. It is often misquoted as having been said by Rumi, but in actuality it comes from A Course In Miracles. <3

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      You’re right! Thanks, Miranda.

  10. Nima says:

    Hey morgana

    It was very easy for me to identify my money monster he was the cost of my unlovability i killed him all gone nothing left and then I created my money honey the opposite of my monster, I did what he ask me and money is flowing in. But he is saying the same question over and over and over agin “feel me” how do I do it? Please give me tips because every time I try I get fabulous results.
    It’s really hard for me to “feel”
    I never had a point of reference.
    Is it touch, smell what is it? please

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