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Spend Money in a Way That Gives You Peace

From a client in my Results Accelerator program:

Spend Money in a Way That Gives You Peace

Those were the words of my (personified) Money “Honey” this morning.

That post got some great responses from my group, so I figured it’s worth sharing with everyone. Steal the parts that work for you!

A little background… I just got my car back from a $400 repair on Saturday. I often work on my own car, but this was a problem I had tried four times to fix and it was time to spend the money on someone who has more expertise than me. By Sunday afternoon, I was already noticing a NEW problem. NOT in my plan! And certainly NOT going to fit in my schedule for the next three weeks to have the car back in the shop again.

This morning, the new problem had come to a head. I woke up in the middle of the night contemplating my schedule for the next three weeks and trying to solve the problem in my head hours before my alarm. Not good. Eventually fell back asleep. When the alarm went off, the first thing back on my mind as my feet hit the floor was the car issue.

Over breakfast, my mind continued to churn, and kept going as I started my daily routine. In the midst of trying to begin my morning scheduling routine, my mind kept up the churning and furious problem solving that was getting me nowhere but more stressed and caught up.

Through the noise, a wise voice said, “Why not ask your Money Honey?”

YES! Sat down and had a MH conversation and this is what he said:

Take care of yourself. Spend the money in a way the gives you peace, and not a way that makes you frantic. If that means spending money up front to prevent a problem and stress later, then spend it now.

I bolted to today’s page [in the Results Accelerator program] and typed that in immediately because it is so wise! YES! What is the point of money?…especially money in the bank? Money takes care of us when we make good decisions about how to use it. Preventing a problem and saving myself future stress is a use of money that takes care of me. The amount of stress it would have caused to have the car break down would be much more than the cost of fixing a car that’s going to need to be fixed at a future date. I’d rather schedule that date than be the leaf blowing in the wind. Time to action to get the new problem fixed.

Part of the problem is that the car isn’t broken down, but there’s an issue that has been showing up with increasing frequency. That really rattled me.

So I took in the car and they couldn’t identify what’s wrong or what to fix! It turns out that I actually have to wait for the problem to get worse so they can diagnose it! How funny! After all that.


Athena the Musician wrote this.

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