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You do not have to silence your soul to be successful.

There are blind spots in my industry.

When someone tells you “This is what you have to do to become a millionaire,” they’re lying.

It’s not intentional, but it’s an untruth that causes harm.

There is no one way. Every millionaire (aside from those who inherited), gets there their own way.

This got me to thinking about the bigger issue behind that statement… the BIGGER LIE.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve been hearing variations on the theme, “If you want to succeed, DO THIS.’

It’s the formula behind every commercial on TV, and what they teach us in school. It’s an idea that sells.

Formulas are useful for beginners (and they are unlikely to turn a beginner into a millionaire, sorry), but at a certain point they become the box that keeps us small. The way to growth is outside the box.

There is NO single, universal approach to success. And that becomes a big problem in the coaching world when coaches are selling their “Do this!” silver bullet success system. Especially when coaches make promises they cannot keep.

Yes, you can hire a coach or mentor to tell you what they did to achieve their (claimed) results.

And you can quickly build an industry based on paying to learn to be a copy of a copy of a copy of copy…

If you ever played “Telephone” as a child, or used a photocopy machine as an adult, you know what happens.

The world does not need more copies. It needs more originals.

This model sells you on becoming a poor carbon copy of an unknown source… and it may accidentally be exactly the right fit for a lucky client.

But when it’s not, the results can be devastating.

Several years back a couple of my friends invested steeply in a business coach. They were already doing very well–enrolling high ticket clients and making multi-6 figures annually –and they hired a coach promised to give them the “proven system” to take them to 7-figures.

This powerhouse couple has no trouble selling $10K to $50K packages. They followed their coach’s system exactly: they ran the fancy formulaic webinar, hosted giant hotel banquet room live event, and they made their high ticket offer from the stage… and thud. Their sales tanked. They had invested everything they had into a “proven system” that wasn’t right for them. They were financially ruined.


You are NOT a failure because someone’s system failed YOU…


It wasn’t their fault. No lack of talent. No lack of commitment. No lack of sweat equity.

It was just the WRONG FIT.

And they knew it. But they listened to a coach who was more invested in selling an impersonal formula than uncovering this couple’s best path forward. A coach who blamed them for their sad results. That gaslighting only added to their sense of failure, shame, and trauma.

I’ve seen this happen too many times. Friends investing $100K in a “coach” and not making a dime in one year. Several of them. I can’t even wrap my head about that.

And I’ve coached clients who were traumatized by past coaches telling them to do stuff that didn’t work for them, then shaming them when it didn’t work for them.


You do not have to silence your soul to be successful.


Yes, it’s important to learn skills and principles and experiment. But there is not a trick you can learn that is more powerful than being the truest expression of your own unique self. And sometimes that will mean saying NO to the obvious.

Check in with your gut: does something light you up or fill you with dread? That’s how you know where to go. Does it feel expansive? Exciting? Does it grow you the way you want to grow? Feel into that.

My own biggest career breakthroughs came when I did what didn’t make sense on the surface. At all.  I just knew I was supposed to say yes. Trust yourself.

I think what delighted me most about last year’s Rich Witch Retreat™ in my house (remember when we could do that?) was every woman came with an idea of a goal and how she expected to get there, based on what she had observed others had done. We had artists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and intuitives from around the world and totally different industries, all seeking their next level.

Without fail that obligatory “path of others” was heavy and laden with values conflicts. They knew what they wanted, but the getting there was going to be hard, no fun, and riddled with internal conflict over compromises they didn’t want to make.

Every woman left with a business plan that was more Fun, more Easy, more Practical, and more Profitable than anything she had envisioned. Because it was born in that room with the love, respect, curiosity and inspiration of every woman present, with new paradigms emerging to reflect who the seeker was and what she really wanted. And that’s BETTER FOR BUSINESS.

That can’t happen with pre-fab, one-size-fits-all formulas.

Your Wealth Is In Your Weirdness

Your uniqueness is where the magic happens.

  1. Tiffany Sy says:

    Thank you so much for this post, Morgana! I’ve been betrayed by society and family telling me that the path to success was to do well in school so I can get into a high paying job. I’ve signed up for an MLM that promised results but I failed miserably! I’m so done with the betrayal and the gaslighting and the trauma and the guilt! But your post validated that I’M not the problem! I’ve yet to find my own path to abundance but is it right for me to assume that the answer to that lies in being my most authentic self?

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