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Small is the New Big

Morgana in Tree

I’ve got a confession to make. And this may surprise some people and even repel some.

I’ve made 7-figures in my business, but I’ve never made 7-figures in a single year.

If that offends you, you should probably stop reading now.

It’s not that I have anything against making more money (I don’t). I just don’t have a particularly compelling drive or desire to go for that 7-figure goal.

Why bother?

In all honesty, I live a FABULOUS life!  I travel the world. I get to do what I choose, and when I want something I buy it. I have no debt. My retirement plan is well fed. I love my clients and see evidence that my work has a deep and broad impact. My team is small and personal, and my net profit is super terrific.

And somehow I manage all that without making 7-figures a year. Multiple 6-figures isn’t so shabby.

For a long time I was aware that I was perceived as “less than” by some of my bigger number selling colleagues. I wasn’t getting as much respect. I think that’s shifted.

I even found myself, years back, in a horrible mismatch of a mastermind, where 7-figures seemed to be the driving motivation for everybody else in the group. I just couldn’t get myself to care about that. Even though I’m the “Money Magnet Queen.”

What I’ve learned, after years of coaching some very high profile, 6, 7, 8, and even 9-figure clients, is that big sales does not necessarily equal quality of life. Or even a lush bank account. (That’s the difference between gross profit and net profit.) Yes, these people have money monsters, too!

I’m sharing all this to say that success rarely looks like what you’ve been told or sold.

I’ve noticed an interesting new development among my peer in the personal development industry…

Over the last year I’ve started hearing grumblings of “how much is enough?” going through my community.  I love that question. I’m hoping we’re seeing a value shift from what has looked like, to me, pissing matches over who has the most zeros–yes, even among “enlightened” gurus–into a healthier inquiry into happiness and sustainability.

Bigger is not always better. And it’s very often far less profitable or pleasurable. (I know plenty of “7-figure coaches” who end the year in debt.)

My buddy Tad Hargrave (seriously one of my favorite philosophers/coaches) wrote a really wonderful piece this week called “Why Stop Playing Small Is Bullshit.”

I totally recommend it.

The point is you have choice. And I can demonstrate that a person can live very, very well without doing a lot of high pressure, feed-the-business-beast bullshit that doesn’t feel good.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, just because I currently enjoy the ease and intimacy (and profitability) of my current business model doesn’t mean that I won’t wake up tomorrow with an itch to do something completely different. Maybe I’ll want to pack giant conference centers like Donald Trump and Tony Robbins, etc. I do, after all, have my own share of megalomania. Right now that route just seems like an awful lot of hassle.

Namaste for now,


PS I also recommend–through the roof–the “I Am” documentary by Tom Shadyac (director of all those Jim Carrey blockbusters) on happiness and enough-ness.



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