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Share your 2019 Successes!

What was a success for you in 2019?

I ask because studies have shown we humans remember the bad stuff more easily than the good stuff… this is an evolutionary adaptation to keep us safe.

The problem is our tendency to remember only the bad stuff can hobble the confidence and optimism we need in order to vision and create our best results moving forward.

Let’s flip this dynamic by digging up the GOOD STUFF in 2019. Even if there was a lot of garbage (especially if there was a lot of garbage), find your successes. End the year on a high note.

I’ll go first.

2019 was my roughest year in a very long time. It’s hard to predict or express how big a deal the death of a parent is. Add to that my grief at world and national events… I really got to use ALL of my tools this year to gather the gifts and stay on purpose.


My biggest successes/accomplishments/successes/happy surprises in 2019:

1) Holding memorials for my father on both coasts. I’d never done this before. Cousins on both coasts really helped.

2) My BEST Money Goddess Retreat in Bali ever. Even with my father’s death, the volcano eruption, and the riots in Indonesia. It was still the easiest, sweetest, most magical and impactful retreat I’ve ever led. And that say a lot.

3) My first Rich Witch Retreat with clients who have done my Bali retreat or worked with me privately. Such a next level amazing event… even better than I had hoped. Every woman left with business plans that were easier and more profitable than anything they had imagined. And magic!

4) Raising money and registering voters to save the world. (I’m still a big believer in the democratic process.)

5) Dropping all the extra weight I gained since I met my husband… from a place of self-love, not body rejection. My father’s illness made me super-committed to health and loving the body I have.

6) Performing with Devin at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships. Wow! Cause we’re still newbies, definitely not competitors. Really proud we were invited to dance in the international flash mob rally for the opening night ceremonies.

I would love to read and respond to YOUR 2019 successes–your accomplishments and happy surprises, whatever they are, no matter how big or small.

I believe every success creates an energetic ripple in the world that lifts all of us up.

When you claim your success, you give permission and encouragement to the other members of our human family to claim successes for themselves, too.

[Please post YOUR successes below, so we can all celebrate.]

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Your information is SAFE with us. We will not share, sell, rent, tease, annoy or otherwise abuse your personal information in any way...