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Secrets of the Universe and Swing Dancing :-)

Taking classes with world champions of Swing Dance this weekend taught me more than just dance… sharing 3 key (and secret) Universal Laws of Abundant Living that are also fundamental to a good partner dance. 🙂

I poured my thoughts into this fun video with a short little dance demo at the end.

Of course it’s magical.

Did I mention we *performed* at the US Open Swing Dancing Championships this weekend? (This is like the Olympics of the Swing Dance world.)


Talk about Abun-Dance!

Any thoughts or comments? Please share below!


  1. Nancy Fox says:

    Its so funny, I have been doing West Coast Swing for 4 years now. It is one of the hardest dances ever. So many life and abundance lessons beyond the dance floor to be sure. Also being coached by one of the top world WCS champion- legend teaches me so much about my coaching. Being on the other side is so enlightening.

    1. Morgana says:

      It is so hard and so much fun!

      Who are you studying with? I saw on Facebook you’re friends with Phil Adams.

  2. Joe Davies says:

    Thank you for sharing the Swing! I love swing dancing in general, and in the future hope to be doing that again (BTW, much love and condolences, mine passed this year also, still adjusting during the holidays etc. He passed on St. Pat’s Day, so he is my ‘Lucky Charm’! So that is a big help in perspective). Back to dancing, I loved the flow state you can get into when it’s all in sync. THANK YOU so much for confirming the ‘Slow Down To Go Faster’!! I’m already taking action daily on all the concepts you mention here (being careful to listen inside all the way), during the process of launching an online business of my own; time is not the main factor, so much as not skipping the small details that make it right. *And it takes ALL of the things u mentioned to move into and through every day. Much appreciated: you are always amazing. Thanks for pulling those concepts together with the money monster vs the light touch and going with the flow! SWEETNESS and POWER, divine and presented truth. Much love to you and your husband, much gratitude to the universe that you as a couple are now experiencing the magic in Swing (West Coast), learning, and growing together!!! Such joy to watch and hear about it! Enjoy!!!

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