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Success Stories From Results Accelerator™ Participants

Check out the feedback that came in from just the first 6 months of my new Results Accelerator™ coaching and accountability “online love-club.”

One more note: I’m using program usernames below, to protect the privacy of members. Also, you may see the same names more than once… their successes just keep pouring in!

“I’m absolutely blown away! For the first time ever in my business after 18 yrs this January I made 3 x my income! I am beyond thrilled, I feel so much love from my Money Honey “Basil” and I didn’t even notice the money side of things. This is just awesome! WOW!!! Thank you Morgana you are my Shero! and thank you all for your support as I’m sure without it I would not have achieved so much xoxo” Tanja


“My first four weeks in the Results Accelerator Program has brought about several things for me:
1) $12,000 in contracted revenue (where my average as been $4500 a month, so big increase).
2) Quite a bit deeper reach in my own blocks and seeing how to use the money honey to help bring those to closure and healing. 3) finally a space where I can share my own struggles without exposure publicly and can get support I need personally. I’ve really appreciated the love and concern and care I’ve felt from others in my group. Its really been bolstering and empowering. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking support, community, encouragement, and more money!“ Marshall


“Ok folks, have to declare, the magic has begun in full! Last night I found myself completing stuff beyond what I had intended; was on the way to bed and kept doing this and that, things I’d given myself full permission to leave until today. It truly felt they were doing themselves! And though I had less sleep, it was better quality sleep than usual. Then today I was in action straight up, got an offer of marketing assistance that may manage some of my immediate needs, and allow me to let go of my ‘old’ job; and started exercising again! out of the blue the energy was there, and it hasn’t been for some time.” Rosie


“OMG – am still reeling from this morning’s Love Lab! I’ve been trying to figure out this pattern for literally ages, and in the space of TWO minutes you built a bridge right to where it started, and where I need to go from here. Have been writing furiously in my journal since I got off the phone! It’s like a big snarl of yarn has been totally untangled, and all it took was pulling on one loose thread! Thank you again @Morgana – for sharing your gifts in the world, and with me!” Marina


”By Gods grace and Morgana’s program I was able to literally see results in my finances I have never had in 11 years of being in America, being married, having 2 kids and stay at home mother running a business ( that our cpa called hobby) … I felt safe, secure and guided to trust myself and instincts … I can act on faith and still have the energy to move forward without hesitation… I feel inclined to notice nature and it’s beauty with sooo much ease and eagerness… I have the ease to give myself a vacation like moment without being hurried, guilty or feeling selfish…I feel like being in a world where everything is possible for me as if all I longed for is already mine in that “world” … its a dreamy cool uplifting feeling as if this was my natural me all the time….bonus money, checks, supportive people, ideas and opportunities are just pouring from everywhere.. making me realize that there are many infinite possibilities that resources can come with ease and elegance.. it made me realize that all my needs are met I just need to be aware, intentional and acknowledge them and they sprout like rabbits to the point wherein I do my gratitude journal in my heart instead … too much too fast to process with my head…I feel it’s a major downpour of love in every area of my life after years menacing heart aches… Iam so grateful to Morgana for this magical program.. yay!!!” Charmaine


“Not only did I have good, helpful sessions with my clients today… and not only did I work on a chapter in my book… but a couple hours after Morgana’s group coaching call, I received an email from someone interested in my 2nd women’s group that I’m starting. After just a few days of announcing the group publicly, it is almost full now!” Connie


“Oh my sweet lord. Today is the first Love Lab I’ve managed to be on live for what seems like forever!! I had a number of takeaways from that but holy s**tballs the last one about male relationships re-connected me with my MH, and I admit i’ve found it hard work for a couple of weeks. and just by remembering what happened to have taught me the thing that stripped my self worth was amazing, especially as he showed me it a few weeks back but misinterpretted why he showed it to me. Thank you Morgana for reminding me last week I need join for a live one. Off to slay a monster xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” Jo


“It is 12:40 am and having connected with my money honey and answered all these questions, I am filled with love and joy. Glad I logged on in spite of the hour. Going to sleep.” Anna


“Yes, my Money Honey is amazing! heart I’m so grateful for this programme, Morgana, because without it I wouldn’t talk to him every day. And I’m grateful for all you Goddesses for making it a safe place to share. I love being able to tell you what my Money Honey says. It’s not something I feel comfortable talking about with others.” Taina


“I am loving the accelerator program. Once I started, now I can’t stop it!! Love it.” Tula


“I feel sooooo happy God blessed me with this opportunity to do this program. It gave me a lot of insights to my real feelings, emotions and needs are that I don’t get to do on a regular basis which I think is the root cause of all my frustrations trying to decipher life my own beta way… I have sooooo much manifestations that I started a journal. I have actually got money in my savings account now suprisingly more than I can imagine and it even went over and beyond my target goal… and the magic was it was easy as somebody handing me the money without stress or strain of asking for it. I have customers calling me out of the blue to say thank you for introducing them to YL oils. And I have 3 numbers in the lottery come out!!! That’s really fun!!! I also feel happy that my Imaginary MHs hobby is also photography… yay!” Charmaine


“My mantra: keep choosing magic and happiness and trusting the process.” Desiree


“Morgana, thanks for reminding me that people would pay for intuition, I was unsure. thanks for your love and words of wisdom. I did not realize that I had low self-worth and that it would not allow me to accept money because I felt so undeserving. And I grew up learning to get by with a little bit of money, so I did not need extra money. Now I accept that I am worthy to be be paid for the services I offer and the people who are right for my services will pay me.” Dr Ida


“I am normally a productive person, but I feel like writing down my desires and actions daily in this program are helping me to be even more focused. I appreciate what this is doing for me in terms of accountability. I also like the baby step approach to moving forward in a daily way, as opposed to having only the long term goals. I have huge dreams, and I actually feel like I can accomplish them if I keep taking the daily small steps and having encouragement and wisdom through everyone involved in this group, including and especially Devin in the relationship arena in this particular 4 week go-around. Now that I have full clarity in the relationship aspect, I can get on with ‘business,’ so to speak.” Lisa


“Each time internal negative self-talk began today, I heard my money honey remind me to let it go and focus on the here and now, whatever I was doing. Instead of thinking, he told me to be and do in the moment. It felt good to be able to let go within 10 seconds of negative self-talk.” Anna


“An issue that caused me sometimes daily panic attacks for two years NO LONGER BOTHERS ME!” Elsie


“Something inside has shifted and I no longer feel fearful of life or that I do not know what I am doing today…its so freeing and I excited about life again in a whole new way.” Pam W


“Morgana, thanks for your loving support, it is huge that I am no longer afraid of money or to ask for money. The fear is totally gone and that is Huge!!! Dr Ida


“Without a doubt I’m having more 10 days than ever before. It’s rubbing off on my clients and my work as I’m just feeling so inspired!” Tanja


“I feel a lot of ease which is great because it’s one of my 3 Core Desired Feelings for this year.” Kundan


“I now feel a deep sense of being deeply trusted, especially by my Money Honey. She trusts me completely. And I feel that I trust her completely.” Kundan


“Life really loves me.” Katie


“It’s amazing. Thank you for this programme, I’ve never made so much progress so quickly!” China


“It was a breakthrough day, really, I see now I was trying to left brain my launch schedule and content—instead following the flow (the soulful way/right brain) I got more done with ZERO stress. Thank you Morgana, MONEY HONEY and life!” Lori Ann


“So MH says:’Keep up the good habits of enough sleep, daily exercise and tuning into what the flow is asking you to focus on next. Your priority will shift as flow happens and this is a part of what you are learning to honor. Follow your instincts and hunches! Today you woke up knowing it was time to write the long form sales page for your course—even though yesterday that was not you your intentions for today. That’s how you roll—as the muse dictates! So, follow those hunches and follow through.’” Lori Ann


“I feel so connected to my MH, to my husband, to God, to myself. It’s like a fuzzy blanket of yum all around me. I feel supported.” Katie


“Thank you all for your precious comments … I do feel magical!!! Thank you to Morgana’s program I’m learning sooo much about “reality” Charmaine


“It’s funny, when I feel any little bit of fear or discomfort around money now, my reaction is like “Aha! A monster!” And I find it a great ‘in’ to the process, it’s like a thread that leads me to a belief to get rid of! Very handy!” Elsie


“Behind every fear there is a greater future.” Evakarin


“I started working with Morgana’s material in 2012 when I lost my job, business, home, and husband in one week – I was sleeping in my friend’s office and wearing her clothing to job interviews. In five years I’ve been able to rebuild my career, buy my first home and I’ve found a great new partner.” Ange


“My perspective and attitude to life has tremendously improved since doing this program… I feel more relaxed, refreshed and waaaaaaaay more calm… I’m still processing in joy… yay!!!!” Charmaine


“I feel good that I don’t need to focus on the big outcome right now, that I can just trust MH to show me the next few steps to take. It’s a new way for me to live. Usually I need/want to know everything before I move a muscle. Which means I’ve never moved a muscle LOL. This way feels very energising, even though I don’t know and can’t see how it’s going to ultimately pan out. Oddly liberating.” Elsie


“When I am in a panic mode the only thing that moves me is to take action and swim through my storm” Dr Ida


“MH says Wow you are amazing! Look at how much more focused you are, how much more productive, while still being kind and loving to yourself. Keep this up girl, you are a superstar! ” Rosie


“I saw a job ad that I find interesting (finally!) It feels so yummy to feel loved and in love. The best part, this feeling is totally independent of anything external.” Anna B


“Days are light and happy, this is new to me, but I love it 🙂 ” Anna B


“Amazed how much I am getting done; increasing sense of space in life.” Rosie


“I just feel filled with love. And I didn’t know how much was in me until I sat down to tune in and type this all out here. What a gift to take into the day!” Katie


“Gratitude for this program, and the clarity, and consistency it is bringing into my life; the level of self validation and validation from others is a new dimension for me. Just keeping track of my process is so powerful.” Rosie


“This month I’m able to afford to buy a clearing program I sooooo wanted, I got great deals for a vegan weekender bag and a fancy jacket, I’m able to afford pressed juices now with ease ( I don’t have to make it myself) … I’m able to afford some suppliments and bioenergetic consultation for my daughter, I’m able to let gooooooo of everything that is detrimental to my choice of FUN!!!” Charmaine


“I feel liberated that’s absolutely more than okay and I deserve to love myself and in doing so my love radiates out to others.” Charmaine


“I just met Morgana in July and started her program before i read her book. She has a new approach to money and I am still learning it day by day. I love the idea of a money honey, since i don’t have a boyfriend, the love I get my money is pretty cool.” Dr Ida


“I’m utterly amazed. I am so in love with this program.” Jade Rose


“Yeah – big lesson for me was learning that really tuning into the inner essence of what I am actually doing truly has the same effect as “all the huge and amazing things I think I’m supposed to be accomplishing, which I can never quite pull off” – since it’s the “essence” that has the real energy that makes everything work.” Doug


“I gotta say, what you have created here is truly remarkable – to see so much support from people I don’t even know yet (other than you and Devin). It’s kind of like what Facebook groups used to be like, before all the distractions with all the ads and videos and notifications popping up all over the place. I feel so much more focused and ready to step up my game!” Cat


“My biggest learning from 2017 is that this program and talking to my Basil (my Money Honey) daily works. My theme was expansion so I expanded in sooooooo many ways that 2017 was the year that propelled me into my power, self love, self expression which I’m going to be applying in 2018! What it tells me is that I can do anything I set my mind to! Fear is just an illusion!” Tanja


“It’s amazing. Thank you for this program, I’ve never made so much progress so quickly!” China


“I really do love this program because of the good vibes in and around it. It does keep me focused on what I want and how to keep moving forward one baby step at a time. It is contributing to my mantra this year which is to Thrive with Ease.” Sadie


“I ignored the fact that my client was only 23 yrs old with no job and charged what I felt I was worth and he said yes, signed my contract and paid me in cash This has never happened to me before in my life. Both of my clients gave me $375.00 in cash and one man gave me an extra 25.00 to make it $400.00 instead of $375.00. I am worthy and deserving to be paid for my worth!” Dr Ida


“Hi Morgana. Remember how the Results Accelerator® motivated me to focus on my book? Well… here it is! Clutter-Free Parenting: Making Space in Your Home for the Magic of Childhood and the Joy of Parenthood.” Laura Carlin


“I was enrolled in Morgana Results Accelerator program and was able to own my Intuition and start my Intuitive Group Coaching Program , this is something I had always wanted to do but did acknowledge my Intuitive clairvoyant gift to make money doing this. With Morgana encouragement I was able to start my group coaching program “How to Develop and Grow Your Intuition” I am now doing this group live and online with confidence. Morgana said to me you can make money with your Intuitive gifts, I doubted it and she was right. Sometimes starting something you have never done is scary. Thanks Morgana for giving encouragement to the encourager! I am always encouraging others, thanks for helping me, a leader to acknowledge myself. It has been so easy for me to do things, that I took it for granted and had not taken the time to value and appreciate myself and the gift I bring to the planet. Again thanks Morgana for giving encouragement to the encourager!” Dr Ida Greene


Morgana, I LOVE your Results Accelerator program! Your daily check-in questions kept me tuned-in and on target. They opened my eyes, so instead of adding to my to-do list, they actually created MORE time by keeping me focused and on purpose. That helped my results multiply which became even more tangible when I shared them with other heart-centered entrepreneurs in my Accelerator group! The camaraderie was great, and the support, suggestions, and kudos from you and Devin were valuable and much appreciated! Kelly Rudolph



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  1. Aysha Islam says:

    Dear Support,

    I just tried the link for the results accelerator but it is not working. Please could you let me know when it is up and running. Many Thanks Aysha

    1. Morgana says:

      Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the broken link.

  2. nad says:

    Your programme is for people who are already rich.Whats about those who can not afford it?

    1. Morgana says:

      No, it just means I charge for my services.

      This website is full of hundreds of articles and videos to guide you for free.

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