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Resolutions suck. Do this instead.

Resolutions suck. Do this instead.

Ganesha is a God of doorways, protection, and good fortune: an ideal ally for the turning of the year!

Maybe because we had the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Maybe because the new year (and my birthday) are coming up really soon… I took a break from business to start DREAMING about the future.

This is an essential step to Magic and Manifestation.


The one thing I can promise you my future does NOT hold is New Year Resolutions!


You may have noticed by now that resolutions almost never stick.


Frankly, I think New Year Resolutions are BS. They’re typically born from a place of failure, hurt, and self-abuse. And they set you up for more of the same.


I like to stack the deck for absolute success. The first step is to failure-proof your intention for the new year.


Here’s what I do…

Instead of resolutions I set a THEME for the year.


Setting a theme is like choosing a flavor for the year. A context. What the year will be about. It’s not a fixing thing. It’s a growing thing.


My theme often grows out of what I want to learn and experience this year. I also tune into what’s ready to happen. And EVERYTHING gets accomplished. It just happens. Every year. Without forcing or failure.


Unlike goals, which work best when they’re super specific, a Theme should be general, even vague.


Leave room to be surprised by what shows up and how the theme reveals itself.


In my experience, the surprises are much better than anything I imagined for myself. For example, last year my theme was “Foundation Building.”


I had no idea that would mean I would find–and buy–my dream house (at below my budget), set up house with my husband, and attract my superstar business support team.


Today I cracked open a new copy of my Financial Alchemy workbook for 2018, and went through my theme creation exercise (page 43).


==> My 2018 theme is EWOP.


“What does that mean?” you may ask.


This year’s theme is particularly personal and quirky. It has a lot to do with the Goddess work I’ve been doing in Bali, and where I want to go deeper next year.


Years ago I was sitting in a cafe after I had just completed my Ultimate Money Goddess retreat, and I got into a conversation with another diner.


He gave me a pair of sunglasses that said “EWOP,” an acronym for Everything Works Out Perfectly.


What a great way to look at the world!  Especially as I take on new projects that stretch me (like selling my father’s house and writing my new book), and as I keep up my personal fight for civil rights and election integrity in the United States.  When things look scary or discouraging, that’s when I want to look through the lense of EWOP: everything works out perfectly.



What is YOUR theme for the year?  Please share it below.



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