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Remembering Sarah

I can’t believe she’s gone.


Yesterday I got the shocking news that one of my very first coaching clients passed away unexpectedly at 40 years old.

Sarah Danielle Goldberg was a gorgeous, smart, educated, energetic young woman.  BEAUTIFUL girl, inside and out.

I remember when she first booked the movie Training Day, then Jurassic Park, and then a regular spot on the TV series 7th Heaven. I was there when she changed her name to Sarah Madison.

We reconnected not too long ago for a coffee at Urth Cafe in Santa Monica. She spoke about venturing into on line sales, and she was loving her mastermind with Joe Polish. She was also a passionate follower of Tony Robbins, and had become one of his coaches.

You could take one look at this glowing, athletic, yoga loving, optimistic go-getter and bet she’d be around for another 50 years.

At the end of September, while visiting her family in Wisconsin, she died in her sleep. I don’t think anyone saw this coming.


The great news about Sarah is she LIVED life fully.

She was in constant pursuit of learning, self improvement, and challenge. She LOVED her family. And dogs. When she had a challenge (and being an actress guarantees a LOT of challenge), she’d get creative, get a coach, create new income streams and create new opportunities for herself.

She was one of the seemingly most healthy, upbeat people I’ve ever known. And she’s gone.


“Later” doesn’t exist.

This is a wake up call. Later doesn’t exist. Really. Doesn’t. Exist.

I don’t talk about his much, but 31 years ago I almost died. I was hit by a car. I was in a coma for a week. The brain injury was inoperable. The doctors could do nothing. I just happened to wake up.

Life is that unpredictable. We don’t know if we have a tomorrow.

This is why I travel. This is why I say “yes” to almost every weird, scary, intriguing, unusual opportunity for a new experience that comes my way. This is why I spent the last month racing from one town to the next, getting married 9 times in 9 countries in 24 days to the same wonderful man…

Because while it’s important to save and plan for the future, we really only have NOW.


What I want you to take away

The shock of Sarah’s death is making me feel a heightened urgency around this issue. It drives me nuts when I see people delude themselves into thinking today’s opportunities will be around tomorrow. Or they can put off the important stuff until it’s too late.

Please don’t be that person.

  1. We don’t have the luxury of later. We only have now.
  2. Focus on what is most important and take action today.
  3. Eradicate the phrase “I’ll do that later/next time/some day” from your vocabulary and mindset. it’s delusional.

Make today count.



  1. yusra says:

    Thank you for sharing this big lesson .To live the life fully is to appreciate NOW and not wasting it by living it worry about the future or pain from the past .

    1. morgana says:

      You’re welcome, Yusra!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Heard your interview on the internet you are an amazing woman
    Would I be able to have your contact number I could not find it on the website
    Thank you

    1. morgana says:

      Thank you Carolyn. The best way to contact me is at


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