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Persimmagedon: it’s raining fruit! Morgana ties the lessons of nature to the cycles of business and life, with a huge shout out to Harvest Partners of Long Beach for sharing our bounty with the hungry:

Persimmageddon Transcript:

Hi. This is Morgana. Like I think every one of you human beings out there, I am a mess today because of the Vegas shooting. I wasn’t done crying over Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, and all the other stuff going on, I’m like watching compulsively for the volcano in Bali.

I thought “Hey, let’s do a Facebook Live about something completely different.”

Since buying this house and getting a garden and getting fruit trees and planting things and weeding, I’ve become way more in touch with seasons and cycles than ever before in my life.

What I’ve noticed is there times when things are looking really sickly and slow.Then there are times when things just are bursting and growing crazy. Here is the funny thing, and this is where we get to Persimmageddon.


Here we have, by the way, those of you who have been following my house and my landscaping, check out the backyard is done now.

Here is the thing, we have this persimmon tree, humongous … I thought the tree was dead, in winter it was just … it didn’t come back, it was spring and there were no leaves on it, and I thought “that tree is dead.” Because honestly last year no fruit, the year before tons of fruit.  Last year there was no fruit, then after the leaves dropped, nothing. I thought the tree was dead.

Then, overnight it was covered with leaves. Then, it started dropping green fruit–10-a-day–hard, green fruit landing on the ground. I thought “That sucks, we’re not going to have any ripe persimmon because of all the green fruit, just hard, unripe, crashing down on the ground.”

Then, Fall happened, and it’s Abundance, it’s Harvest. In fact, the harvest is so insane… I keep trying to clean up the dead fruit carcasses. I get tons of dead fruit on the ground.

Let’s see if we can get us together. Look: Morgana with dead persimmon, Hi!

I put out a call to my neighbors and people from all over my city have been coming and collecting fruit. Then, today, Harvest Partners is going to come in a couple of hours and harvest–harvest hundreds of persimmons to distribute to the hungry, which is amazing. Talk about wealth. I’ve got orange trees and… crazy. Amazing, I’m learning to make salads.

Here is why I’m talking about what I call “Persimmageddon”: because honestly without neighbors and the Harvest Partners, it would just be a bloodbath of fruit pulp carpet-bombing the ground. Wasting all these delicious, healthy, organic food when there are homeless people everywhere and people who are hungry everywhere. I just could not bear that.

Seasons and Cycles

This is like life, and this is like business. We have our winter periods. In everything.  It looks on the outside like it’s dead, like it’s hopeless, it’s winter, it’s not dead, it’s just internal. The roots are just digging deeper, it’s resting, we’re resting, it’s like being pregnant, gestating, whatever it wants to come out next.

We don’t get a lot of outside validation for winter. In fact, we get a lot of judgment, sometimes we get really frightened, it can feel cold, but winter we need it, just like we need sleep. It’s a season, it’s where things are born, it’s hidden. Then, we have spring, which comes like after we’ve given up, that’s usually when it comes, after we given up, suddenly, suddenly out of nowhere there’s a sign of life. Then, we get excited, then we get disappointed.

We got a sign of like, then we get a failure, then we get another failure, and we get another failure, and that was like all that damn green fruit out there to convince me that this was a lost cause, that there was something wrong with the tree, that it was never going to happen. Then, summer happened and we start to get fruit, it’s nice, and it’s manageable, and oh, my God, this is exactly what business is like.

You have that little sweet spot of summer, then fall harvest comes, and it’s overwhelming. By the way, this is when a lot of businesses die, and collapse, because they can’t keep up, they can’t keep up with the customer service, they can’t keep up with the quality control, they can’t keep up with the scale, I can’t keep up with all that fruit. That’s when you need to get help.

High Quality Problem

By the way, it’s a high quality problem, it’s what we dream of, to have more than we need, to have bounty, to have so much that we can share, and give it away, and ask for help. So I’m scaling up. This is Persimmageddon, no longer a bloodbath, we’re here to feed the most people we can with the best fruit, all for free, I’m so happy that there are groups who’ll come by, and pick the fruit, and hand it out so that I don’t have to guilty.

Whatever season you’re in, it’s going to have lessons. Learn to love it. Learn to love the winter, learn to love the spring, everybody loves summer, unless you’re in Arizona, it’s too hot. Then, there’s the fall, there’s the autumn. If you last that long. Because the seasons before kind of are going to fake you out. You’re going to want to give up in winter, you’re going to want to give up in spring, and you’re going to want to go to sleep in summer, then you’ll have a very rude awakening in the autumn. You’ll have a Persimmageddon of carnage, unless you plan ahead.

That is today’s Facebook Live, from my beautifully, newly remodeled backyard, land of fruit, Namaste.


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