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Overnight Money Manifestation

money gift

Last week I sent you the new relationship with money-as-John Travolta story. (Read “John Travolta Loves You” on my blog.) The very next day a new one came in.

This is why I love my job. I want you to read beyond the dollar amounts and listen for the happiness and optimism and new relationship to life. THAT’S what this is really about:

“Dear Morgana,

I just have to tell you this. I listened to the teleclass you did last night — found out about it an hour before it was scheduled, felt moved to attend.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow. I haven’t even done the Money Monster exercise yet, but for some reason I totally connected with the idea of the Money Honey and got mine right away, plus an action to take.

I took that action last night (set some financial boundaries with my adult children) and this morning two things happened.

1) I went to pay for parking outside starbucks, 50 cents for 20 minutes. When I pushed the button for the ticket, the ticket came out, and $1.75 in change dropped into the coin return area!

2) I got an email from my ex-husband saying he and his wife would like to pay my $4000 property tax bill (which I can’t pay)…this is without ANY solicitation on my part. And they insist this be a GIFT, not a loan.

So in less than 24 hours my Money Honey has not only radically changed my feelings about money, but he has also brought me $4,001.25 🙂

Bless you!!!!! for the first time in 58 years I am excited and positive to see what is going to happen for me financially. it’s huge. really huge.”


  1. Mary says:

    How inspiring. I would really to go on one of your programmes Morgana but I have very little money at the moment. I was out of work for a while and am trying to keep on top of my growing de bt. Please could you help. I would to book a session to help me move forwArd, could I pay in In instalments as I would really like to start straight away. Please help.

    1. morgana says:

      Hi Mary. I totally understand. And I believe in transformation being possible, regardless of your current financial circumstances. That’s why I created my “Beginner Path” for people new to my work or on a micro budget. Get started, for free, with my videos, and blog posts. Then, when you’re ready, I have self-study products at

      I don’t book single coaching sessions anymore, aside from my “Abundance Day” all-day intensive. I’m really more interested in developing a real relationship with my clients, and being there, when they need me, over a period of time. The most affordable way to start working with me is my group program “90 Days of Money Honey Love.”

      Best wishes to you!

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