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No, you’re not “high vibing” wrong

I got another great note over the weekend from a former coaching client who used a recording of me coaching her 8 years ago to help her access her pain now, in order to dig up and slay a new money monster and meet her new (personified) money “honey”… who rocks! (What a clever idea.)

She is, as she acknowledged, already really good at positive thinking and Law of Attraction… and sometimes that’s not enough. I find new monsters show up when it’s time to grow and evolve.

I was having this exact conversation with a client this morning. If life looks dramatic, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. You can vibe high as the sky and still experience earthquakes, pandemics, supply chain issues, accidents, illnesses, loss. This is the human experience. Not your fault!

I can’t help but think of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card to illustrate this idea. The wheel turns because it’s supposed to turn. (See the Monster at the bottom?)

The trick is returning to our own confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness when the we feel worn down, broken-hearted, or frightened by current circumstance.

The Money Honey is useful for getting to the calm, eternal center instead of being dragged for a wild ride on the outer periphery.

This morning’s client did exactly that. She told me that after a couple weeks of setbacks, she spoke to her Money Honey and agreed to slay a new monster. She did so, and her fortunes changed in under 24 hours.

==> My mystical-minded friends will talk about The Quantum and 5D… newer terms for ancient concepts of non-duality, interconnection, timelessness and magic. My science-minded friends will talk about quieting the limbic “reptile” brain in order to activate the genius of the frontal lobe. The Money Honey is simply my vehicle for creating and accessing these connections. It’s all about returning to the center of the wheel, where love and creation reside.

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