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My one-step super trick for empowerment in the new year

My One-Step Super Trick for the New Year

As we wrap up one year and prepare for the next, like the Greek God Janus with the two heads (related to the prosperity Elephant-headed god Ganesh), we’re looking backwards and forwards simultaneously.

I really like to take a moment to draw out the themes and positive lessons of a year. Even from the worst stuff we can find some positive learnings to empower us moving forward.

One trick I learned early on was to give the ending year a HEADLINE that sums up the year in a powerful way.

My headline for 2022 is:

“2022 was the year that nothing worked out as planned, but everything worked out.”

Seriously! From my beloved book publisher dying suddenly to my Goddess retreat shutting down from the corona in June, it was actually a fascinating year of releasing attachment to anything looking the way I expected, and following the flow of what really wants to happen.

There’s ALWAYS treasure in the trash. You may not see it when you’re in the middle. That’s why I love the end-of-year pause to look back and find the hidden message.

I think my biggest take-away from 2022 is how surprisingly good I was at not being stopped or discouraged by a comical series of setbacks and challenges. I don’t think I’ve ever had a year in which more things went not-as-planned. I discovered the game was never about the “how”… if one vehicle doesn’t work, there’s always another dozen options.

In the end I 4x’d my income, married Devin for the 26th time (Costa Rica), and worked with the most exquisitely fun and wonderful clients all year.

Do you have a headline for 2022 that encapsulates your experience in a way that can support you stepping into 2023? I’d love to hear from you!

Before I log off… HEADS UP!

Heads Up: New Book Launch!

I have a new, updated, enhanced 10-year Anniversary Special Edition of my “Financial Alchemy” book coming out January 23. It will be the same price, but it will be even better, and it’ll come with lots of bonus gifts when you buy on Book Launch Day… followed by a live Q&A with me in February for my book launch buyers.

Sign up here for a launch reminder and a free ticket to my Money, Love, and Magic round table summit.

Check out the new cover:

“But why, Morgana?”

You may be wondering why I’m releasing a new edition of “Financial Alchemy” when the original one has so many 5-star rave reviews and amazing success stories (like the reader who had her first 250,000 sales month just using my book).

I’ve grown over the last decade. I know this work on a much higher level. My client results are bigger, and the original edition doesn’t reflect what I’ve learned. So when I look at my first edition, I bounce between “OMG! This is so good!” and, “Hmm, I need to update this.”

Also, a book launch is a great excuse for a party! Time to bring in some new energy with 2023. (Not to mention the launch date 1-23-2023 = 13, a super fabulous mystical number of transcendence, good luck, and divinity.)


To celebrate the new book launch, I have a ton of free extras happening in the early weeks of January, leading up to the launch:

1) A virtual book tour in which every day I respond to a different set of questions submitted to me by a variety of top thought leaders. Each day my answers will go live in a written interview on a different blog, and I’ll send you the link.

2) I’ve scheduled a three 90-minute round table discussions with 9 geniuses on the topic of Money, Love, and Magic. These are some some of the biggest experts in the world on these topics. This is not your usual “summit.” There will be cross talk. (There may even be disagreement!) We’ll be diving deep and responding to your questions on these topics.

3) And of course, as I said before, tons of free gifts upon purchase the day of the January 23 launch, and a bonus live Q&A with on February 28, after you’ve already received your book. I want to be there to guide you through the book, and to help if you get stuck in the process and need some guidance or a little laser coaching.

In the end, I just think this will be a lot of fun, and it’s an opportunity to give you extra goodies to start the new year strong!

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