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Ask Morgana: “No matter what I do, I still get no where and more into debt.”

Reader Question: I have tried all kinds of affirmations, buying lotto being ripped off with quick fixes etc.. with no luck, No matter what I do, I still get no where and more into debt, I have started my money honey and yet to see results, what else do you suggest Morgana?

My response:   I really appreciate and respect the discouragement and panic I’m hearing in your question.

Because we haven’t spoken, and I’m only going by what you wrote in this question… I’m seeing you talk about superficial solutions — affirmations, lotto tickets, “quick fixes” — that don’t grow you.

So I’m wondering… did you go deep enough into my process?

Because if you really did, I’d direct you to ask your Money Honey what’s going on.  What does he or she suggest?  Or more to the point, how does your money feel about being in this relationship with you?

My suspicion is that a change hasn’t happened. You sound like you’re still in an intimate relationship with your Money Monster. The process doesn’t work if you don’t get rid of your monster, totally, FIRST!

You need to totally separate your Money Monster from your Money Honey. That’s the first half of my process.

When you really, really get rid of your Monster, and really bring in your Money Honey, your “honey” will tell you what to do.

For example, yesterday I saw a comment on my blog from Karen McMullen:

“I was surprised. I asked my Money Honey how much to charge and he suggested that I lower the price for my first event from $995 to $495. The next day I sold %100 of the room my program. He loves me so….and I love him.”

Do you hear how real her “Money Honey” is? He surprised her. And she feels loved. That “loved” feeling is the real magic, the real transformation. Cash is just a really nice side benefit of inner shift.

My suggestion is go deeper. Make the relationship more real.

  1. I hear the desperation in not having, because I remember that mornng waking up on my mattress on the floor with rain pouring through the ceiling onto my clothes packed in cardboard boxes because I had no bedroom furniture.
    I laid there focusing on my disabilities, no job and empty wallet.
    But, then I switched my thinking.
    When I read your words I pick up on that energy that formed inside me when I switched from focusing on what I did not have, to feeling so very lucky because the universe had entrusted me with these two beautiful little people. It was that day I was hired for ajob in another city and found the money to move my little family in one of those totally unexpected ways.

    Your projection of a money honey has such nice energy and I am grateful for that energy taking me back to times when unbelievable good things have happened.

    I cannot say that this day a certain large sum of money suddenly came to me. Nevertheless, that’s OK becasue I trust in the wealth that is around me knowing that when we can smile at the wealth around us, money follows.

    I thank-you Morgana for supporting my belief that money is simply a wonderful tool that allows people to help other people, wildlife, abandoned pets, and the earth.

    I read your words, enjoy your energy, and look forward to having the money that allows me to help more people, etc.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Thank you for sharing your story, Roberta.

  2. Morgana, I love your distinction between “superficial solutions” and the need to go deep and grow yourself. I think one of the real problems or blocks we encounter to experiencing prosperity and abundance is the false idea that our wealth and worth lays outside of ourselves in bank accounts, homes, investments, even in techniques or affirmations.

    And lest we think that our “Money Honey” is just one more thing to give our power away to, we must recognize what’s really happening. When Karen asks her Money Honey, she’s channeling her own inner wisdom and divine guidance. Money is a mirror for us, and once we dispel the myths of a cold, cruel money, we can see clearly.

  3. Terry says:

    gonna try it let you know how it works out!

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Great, Terry. Keep me posted!

  4. Grace says:

    Morgana, what if my Money Monster is a real person, a distant relative who stole the family trust fund? He’s still alive and stealing from every business deal he can. At least one person committed suicide because of a business he stole. I’m talking about a serious bad actor with lots of cash and influence. How do I get rid of him?

    You’ve said NOT to try to make up with the Monster, that he wants to kill me.

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      This is an awesome question, Grace! Your Money Monster is NEVER a real person–it’s much bigger–but it may “use” real people and world events to attack you. Personify your imaginary Money Monster and destroy it to make room for a new relationship with someone you can love, trust, and want to have in your life. Make that new imaginary person your new money.

  5. Stephen says:

    Hello Morgana,

    No matter what I have done in the last 35 plus years to acquire a decent standard of living, the decent standard has eluded me. I would work diligently to get into business and would in some cases. Some of the business, I would begin to make a decent amount of money only to eventually lose the business in several instances by being swindled or as of late, the real estate crash. I thought I had finally got a handle of the money situation as the equity in my property had grown to over $500,000 only to be wiped out by the current economic situation. Being that the real estate market had crashed and I now did not have the funds to get in again as the real estate prices are bargain basement which is currently in the market, I got into internet marketing. So far, in the 28 months doing internet marketing, I have earned about $1,000 and I do want to think about what I had spent. I don’t think the internet marketing thing is for me, but at this point I do not know what to do; I do not like to give up, but how long can you go on?

    I am 55 and was looking toward retirement from my job and be free to pursue life. I can get a modest pension from my job that I have retained for 27.5 years, but being that I had sunk all my addition money in other ventures in order to make “real money”, I do not have a pension supplement so retiring at this point would add another nail to the coffin. The supplement was supposed to be the liquidation of one or two of my properties, but the equity I gone.

    I have read the books, you know, ‘Think and grow Rich”, “The Law of Attraction” and on and on but I haven’t got it.

    At this point, I do not care about the four million dollar mansion and the Ferrari: I just want to win so that, I can say to myself or whoever wants to listen that, “The reason for all the failures so I can learn how to win”. I deserve a win.

    May I have your advice please, Morgana. Thank you.

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