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More Financial Alchemy Miracles!

This email arrived this morning, with the subject line: “More Financial Alchemy Miracles!”

With Susan Matamoros’s permission, I’m sharing her story here, to remind you that you can get great results doing this work on your own.


Susan in Oceanside

Dear Morgana,

As a school teacher, I have the luxury of summers off and use this time to intensify my spiritual practice. While setting my Third Quarter Intentions in my Financial Alchemy workbook I decided to go back and reread the beginning of the book, knowing that it’s time to kill another monster (this one’s all about shame). In going back to the start, the excitement I felt when I first began Financial Alchemy three years ago has been rekindled and I have had some juicy, sweet talks with my Money Honey (his name is Miles), who is holding my hand through every step of our upcoming move to Southern California. In fact on June 17th, our 3rd anniversary, he gifted my husband and I with the perfect home in Oceanside. I got the call from our realtor that we had been approved while standing in the sunshine on the beach. I just cried, basking in my Money Honey’s love for me, strongly feeling his presence and trusting that this is a new adventure for us.

So yesterday, I asked my Money Honey to please, please, please be with me, guide me and reassure me as my husband and I put a plan together for financing our son’s first year of college. After a few not-so-productive phone calls, Miles advised me to call our son’s college recruiter and ask for her help. She directed us to email a gentleman in the university’s financial aid department who has always been helpful to her students. This lovely man not only answered all of our questions, he took the liberty of awarding our son a $3,000.00 scholarship! Just like that. We didn’t even ask for it. The whole time I was getting nervous and upset, Miles was right beside me saying, There, there. It’s all OK. I’ve got this one. Your son has important work to do in the world (he wants to become a psychologist). We will make sure he gets the schooling that will benefit him and everyone he will assist in the future.

In addition to that miracle, my husband negotiated a better rate on our cable and internet and was given $20 in credits.

Thank you again for this lovely, healing, exciting, reassuring, magical process Morgana. I am looking forward to the next phase of my life with confidence knowing that Miles will be by my side celebrating my successes with me and loving me through my continuing evolution.

Love you Morgana!
Susan M

PS: Our son’s university called this morning to say that they can add work study funds to his financial aid package and to Not worry, he’ll be ok.











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