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Joslyn’s Case Study: Her Life and Death Money-Body Connection

The Money-Body Connection: She was told she should be dead.

“I hired Morgana because my body weight had been fluctuating between 98 pounds and 180 pounds since 1998, when I was told by my physician that I should be DEAD based on my health condition and vital signs. Despite my graduate studies in exercise science and successful work as a personal trainer, I could not maintain a body weight and composition that was healthy for me individually.

I knew something was not right with my body but could not figure out what it was. For the past 12 years (during which I should have died a second time according to my doctor),I attempted to figure this out via college academics, medical research, professional work, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, affirmations, and any other mind-body connection processes I found. Although I had some success, I was missing the big picture, the ROOT of the problem that I needed to eliminate to completely heal.

I also knew that when I understood what was happening with my body, I would master a huge life lesson that I would share with the world.

Money as a Starting Point for Healing

I was intrigued by one of Morgana’s Financial Alchemy teleclasses; making money a person and facing one’s deepest fears to eliminate them were new and fascinating ideas. I was pretty happy with my relationship with money. Nevertheless, in May 2010 I hired Morgana, hoping Financial Alchemy would help me finally figure out what was going on with my body. Our sessions blew me away! By using money as a starting point, Morgana helped me identify beliefs and memories that I had hidden very deeply in my psyche, pretending they did not exist,because I was too afraid of what I might find and what I would think of myself if I remembered.

My Money Monster was a business man who looked calm and professional externally. Inside, however, he was a RAPIST that controlled every aspect of my life and used all my energy until I was depleted, useless, and almost dead. I realized no one in my life loved me the way I needed and wanted to be loved. After facing and eliminating the Money Monster (flamethrower and acid, anyone?), I created my Money Honey who understood me perfectly and loved me exactly the way that I was, regardless of what I did or what talents I had.

Unconditional Love

Knowing that my Money Honey loved me unconditionally was fabulous and a new experience for me. A few days after meeting him, I realized that my BODY loved me unconditionally too, and all the horrible things the Money Monster said to me I was saying to my body! This was a huge, groundbreaking moment and the key I was looking for over the last 12 years.

Twice my body could have decided not to deal with me anymore, but it stayed and tried to do whatever I wanted it to do to the best of its ability. It just kept giving and giving whatever I asked. I felt incredibly grateful that my body stuck with me so long and began a new relationship with it, in which I return its unconditional love.

Instead of subjecting it to a very rigorous and regimented exercise and eating plan and continually criticizing it (I used to be in the military and know all about rigorousness, criticism, and control), I ask my body what we are going to eat and what exercise (if any) we should do so it can be happy and at optimum health, taking on whatever appearance it needs to be healthy. My energy skyrocketed and my attitude is fabulous! Since my body is always physically visible to me, I am constantly reminded that I can trust its guidance, how much it loves me unconditionally, and of my continually expanding capacity to love, accept, and rejoice in it and my personal value and unique expression of femininity.

Not so coincidentally, several nagging health problems that doctors could not identify no longer exist, my body chooses foods that I enjoy and always satisfy me, my clothes are getting looser, I am stronger, faster, and more flexible while exercising less and in more fun ways, life is satisfying and creative, and I always look “good enough.”

Morgana helped me see patterns in my life so we could identify and eliminate negative beliefs. Being able to heal 12 years of stifling negativity and feeling half-alive in the month I worked with Morgana is truly miraculous!

Fabulous, Rich, Love-Filled Life

My life is more fabulous, rich, and filled with love now than it has ever been. I can say without exaggeration that it improves daily and effortlessly with new insights, creations, and releases of other limiting beliefs. I can access this part of myself whenever I choose. It is so EASY!”

Joslyn Zale





  1. Laurie says:

    This is truly inspiring – I learned something important for my self-healing.

  2. It is great to hear how Financial Alchemy has unlocked the secrets to live a more loving live. The Money Honey is all about love.

  3. nice that will be healthy 🙂

  4. Sara says:

    what a beautiful story- it really IS about much more than the money!

  5. Leora says:

    I just finished leading a 10 week Magnetizing course, were each person choose an issue – which is a struggle in their lifes – we worked on creating a new relathionship with the chosen issue…

    Your story touched my own issue, and gave me new ideas….how to expand my love to myself – it is not just loving me as a spiritual being – but to also love the fisical sides of me – such as my body,car,money – even loving the food I put in my mouth – no matter what it is!!! love love love!

    Thanks for sharing – thanks for your gratitude, there is nothing more magnetizing then saying thank you!

    And… thanks Morgana for making so many people live a much easier life

  6. Joslyn says:

    Wow! I am happy and grateful my story inspired so many people!

    Here’s a fun and insightful game if you are working on loving the physical side of yourself: Make a list of everything in your immediate surroundings. Then write down how all these things are expressions of your love for someone else, something else, or yourself, OR how they are expressions of someone else’s (a physical person or your Money Honey, the Universe, your higher power, etc.) love for you. Write the first thoughts that come to you for each object and read through them when you’re finished. What did you learn? What surprised you? Why?

    1. Morgana Rae says:

      Wow! What a cool exercise! Thank you Joslyn.

  7. Joslyn says:

    You’re most welcome, Morgana!

    I learned a LOT about what was most important to me by doing this; it really helps get your priorities straight.

  8. sue says:

    That is such an absolutely inspiring story. So very happy for you that you met Morgana. What an amazing revelation. Well done for being brave enough to go through the process. Respect to you.


    1. morgana says:

      Thank you, Sue!

  9. Kinga says:

    My money monster was similar-a psychopath- calm and loving on the outside and really inside a controlling, and only saying he loves me and cares for my good ( I have a psychopathic mother by the way…) .
    ALso Morgana, if you read this- I had the biggest miracle exactly 3 years ago- using your process- the monster said ” You are NOT a woman”’ – I killed it, and 2 days later my former boss who owned me money CALLED ME that he wants to pay me. ( he also is my twin flame and hopefully future husband:D ) . I also started my art business in 2017, cleaned up tons of clutter in my parents house, where I have my studio. Things are looking up but it was a long and a difficult but worthwile process .Thanks Morgana for these posts, Greetings! )

  10. Diana says:

    I understand how disturbed my family was and how disturbing the times were I was
    raised in – the early 1940s – and how I went dead several times to survive. I have
    gone through my life having secret Gurus that kept me alive from each decade. But
    I never experienced being loved by anyone. I don’t think I could even imagine it.
    I have tried several times to create a Money Honey but he says the monster is still
    in charge and he cannot come in. So I am still working on the beginnings of life.
    This will take a while and it is not really about money at all. It is about being able
    to create a feeling of worth. I adopted a rescue dog this past year and she is the
    closest relationship I have ever had. But she doesn’t know any of this and is just
    very tolerant and confused. But won’t let me out of her sight day or night. This is
    my beginning and it is all I can handle at this point. But thank you for keeping
    in touch with me.

    1. Morgana says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Diana. I think the rescue dog is the PERFECT place to start changing your relationship with love. I agree with you: the real issue for you is love, and I would focus there.

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