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Manifestation on Speed Dial (4 Tricks Inside)

Talk about manifestation: yesterday was the 8-year anniversary of my first wedding to Devin. (Yeah, we’re 26 weddings into getting married 100 times in 100 countries.) I kept telling the Universe that I wanted to travel the world with the love of my life. I didn’t think She was listening… ha!

A girlfriend (a world famous hand analyst) took one look at my hands and said, “Wow. You are a Manifestor!” She’s right.

The irony is I’m NOT a Law of Attraction coach or even a LOA practitioner. (But do whatever works for you, LOA friends!)

In my experience like doesn’t always attract like, but everything is USEFUL: you are not being punished for “low vibes” when tragedy strikes. Happy miracles happen even when you’re in the throws of despair. I know this because I’ve lived it and I’ve coached it.

That said, I am a WIZ at manifesting, but not just for myself: I transmit it to others.


That’s what today’s post is about: helping YOU manifest what you want.

I’ve lined up a few quick and easy tricks to upgrade your outcomes, pronto:

  • Pre-emptive gratitude. Practice gratitude for the wonderful things that haven’t happened yet. It’s so easy to give up before you strike gold! Practicing gratitude for great outcomes and speedy resolutions before they happen unlocks one knot after another. Pre-emptive gratitude for the unseen good things helps you stay in the game, rehearse for a positive outcome, and it lubricates the mechanics of bringing what you want into fruition.
  • Self-love. It’s easy to love our pretty parts–generosity, compassion, wisdom, discipline. It’s more important to love our ugly bits. The more we can embrace and understand the parts we want to hide–the rage monster, the privilege princess, the victim, the slob, the loser, the bigot, the annoying know-it-all (OMG I just outed myself)–the more congruence we will experience moving forward. Congruence is the #1 key to manifestation.
  • Healthy boundaries. I just shared this formula with a client yesterday: Strong Boundaries Equals More Money. The stronger your personal boundaries, the more money you’ll make. This can be a big learning curve for us empathic types and takes practice. Saying no can cause us anxiety It helps to recognize that weak boundaries are always rooted in fear, and to remember the ONLY way to truly say yes to what you want is to bravely say no to what you don’t want. That no creates the space for your yes.
  • Baby Steps. Action is magical. If you want real-world results, you have to take real world actions. Baby steps every day. Baby steps build confidence. Confidence builds momentum. Momentum builds magic.

Everything above REDUCES FRICTION.

Less friction creates more ease, more speed, more synchronicity.

I encourage you to PICK ONE practice to start. Even better, pick the easiest one. (Hard is so overrated.)

See what happens, and come back and share! Honestly I’d love love love to put you on my Success Stories Wall of Fame.

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